Young & Restless: Phyllis Is Up to Her Old Tricks — Plus, Adam vs. Victoria… Or Tucker?!?

March 6 - 10

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The offerings on Young & Restless weren’t all that thrilling this week, though I’m hopeful things will ramp up as the 50th-anniversary approaches with the gala and very special returns.

Scheme Queen

I’ve been waiting for Summer to turn devious again, so her plot to split up Sally and Nick was one I was looking forward to. As it turns out, it’s a scheme to use her powers of persuasion to reunite Adam and Sally, thus leaving her father out in the cold for what she perceives is his own good. Ironically, it’s similar to Sally plotting to run Summer out of town and thereby making her dreams come true when she landed the job at Marchetti, as the outcome could be a dream come true for Sally too in theory. The whole Sally/Adam/Nick storyline has turned out to be underwhelming, and Summer’s big scheme is no exception — very little drama in it. I’d love to see a return to the real soap drama of old where rivals really go after one another and there are serious consequences. Remember, Sharon and Phyllis’s heyday?

Stuck on the Back-Burner

Speaking of Sharon, there is still no storyline in sight for her… or for her children Mariah and Noah for that matter, who remained offscreen. Why is Chelsea, who has no degree in psychology of any kind jumping into Daniel’s front-burner video game storyline to create a platform addressing users’ mental health challenges? Shouldn’t Daniel be seeking someone with actual expertise in the field?!? Not that I want to see Sharon stuck forever in the land of therapy-speak, but it would be something and would make sense.

Scheme Queen Part II

How exciting was it to see Phyllis hit rock bottom and seemingly decide to collude with Jeremy Stark to get rid of Diane? She was even making death threats! I had visions of a murder mystery with Jeremy and Phyllis trying to frame each other dancing in my head. But instead, we have Phyllis finding out that Diane is hiding at the Abbott cabin and, per SOD, sending Jeremy off on a wild goose chase to Europe. It’s almost like she’s helping her out, but I’d bet she has something else in mind for Jenkins. There’s still the chance I could get my wish for big drama. We have a gala coming up and what’s a ball in Genoa City without a dead body?

Diane’s Dream

Diane’s dud of a dream took up half an episode but it did provide a little comic relief. I took the imaginary scenes to mean one of two things — either the wedding won’t really happen, which is why we got the fantasy version, or it was a bad omen what with Stark showing up at the end. Maybe both.

Adam vs. Who?!

As part of the Sally storyline, Adam and Nick made nice, which is always an interesting twist on the usual. The conversation ended with Nick warning Adam that Victoria would prove to be his biggest obstacle to running McCall Unlimited. That’s why we think Victor is in a lose/lose situation. As it turns out, there’s another roadblock — Tucker McCall himself. The preview showed Adam baiting McCall by telling him he was going to run his empire and Tucker responding, “Over my dead body.” This left me wondering where this is all going. If Devon buys it, Adam will be out of luck entirely and won’t have to beef with anyone. If Devon passes on it, and Tucker’s determined that the Newmans not get their hands on his company knowing that Adam could end up in charge, are we looking at a possible hostile takeover situation? If only Young & Restless viewers cared as much as the writers do about who runs which company. I’m more interested in Tucker and Ashley’s cat-and-mouse entanglement. Will they get back together only for her to find out he was sleeping with Audra? Hmm.

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Billy Being Billy

Billy is back to (or should I say still?) making ill-advised moves all over Genoa City. The more things change, the more they stay the same. He’s going to go back to Jabot despite declaring mere months ago that corporate life was definitely not for him. Even more ridiculous, he’s saying it will be different than his experience at Chancellor because he’ll be working for family. His mother, Jill, owns Chancellor! Not satisfied to muck up professionally, Billy is clearly going to go all-in on a romance with Chelsea despite warnings from those who see the writing on the wall and the writers are going full-tilt regardless of the negative feedback. What was extra funny was Billy ranting to Ashley about Tucker’s shortcomings. Not sure he has much room to be so judge-y!

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to leave your thoughts and predictions on Young & Restless’s stories in the comment section below.

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