Young & Restless Has a Lot to Make ‘Write’ Where ‘Teriah’ is Concerned — Plus, Phyllis’s Bender Is Bad News for Diane

February 27 - March 3

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Young & Restless’s February Sweeps came and went and… nothing… nada, zero, zilch. No drama to speak of — at least not of the caliber one would expect from this iconic daytime soap.

No You-Know-Whats Left to Give

Victoria pursuing Nate — her subordinate — knowing that he’s with someone, is soapy and messy, but Nate putting on the brakes left her looking out of pocket. She then asked Nate to sabotage Devon for the sake of business, and she’s plotting to undermine Victor’s plan to hand McCall to Adam. All told, it’s painting an unflattering picture of the dynamo — and yet it’s fun having a character with no you-know-whats left to give. One has to wonder, though, if the writers are setting Victoria up for a fall. Watch for a story on Monday with more on that subject.


I’m enjoying the Tucker and Ashley dynamic that has emerged after her buying his debt. They’re playing their back and forth like foreplay, so it’s kinda sexy. It’s yet another business story, this is true, but the underlying emotion gives it a little somethin’ somethin’ the other corporate plots have been missing. I find myself hoping that Tucker is a changed man (even though my brain tells me it’s highly unlikely) for Ashley and Devon’s sake. I’ve a theory what Devon will ultimately do when it comes to McCall, but that’s a story for another day.

As for Devon and Lily’s ongoing feud, one would have to wonder what their public battles are already doing to their reputations and that of their merged company, Chancellor-Winters. I’m surprised Lily hasn’t received one of Jill’s warnings through gritted teeth. That said, I’m loving the family drama between Neil’s children — Lily was actually channeling a bit of Dru, as some viewers pointed out — but I’m still Team Devon. Lily completely ignored his feelings on the IPO (and the threat presented by the IPO) and Chancellor isn’t her company, but Jill’s. Give him Hamilton-Winters back and deal with it. When it comes to Lily and Daniel, traipsing around Genoa City like two sad sacks is doing exactly nothing for their appeal as a couple.

Make it ‘Write’

Wow, Mariah returned with news of the baby, but with no newborn and no Tessa. Worse, “Teriah” welcomed their daughter into the world offscreen, was a slap in the face to their fans. Yes, they had a dream episode involving a birth, but I’d wager that fans would rather have seen them in the delivery room with Delphine. Why would they write an adoption story and choose not to have it play out onscreen?!? Giving Mariah a bunch of scenes gushing to her mother about the magic of parenthood, not only didn’t make sense since she’d already given birth to Dom/Bowie and felt an attachment, but also, it felt like a failed attempt on the writers’ part trying to throw “Teriah” fans a bone, knowing they were doing way less than they should have.

Use Your Leading Lady

Sharon continues to pour coffee and dole out free therapy to those who wander into Crimson Lights. I have to wonder if they’ve even taken the Chance flirtation off the table as far as a story goes for her. Leaving a leading lady adrift for this long is nothing short of a travesty.

Sounding Her Out

The writing is on the wall where Adam and Sally are concerned. Sally has set boundaries and Nick’s becoming more territorial, but if you’ve noticed, Sally has a soft spot for Adam in this scenario. I’d expect that will become a point of contention between her and Nick and that we’ll gradually see Adam and Sally begin to reconnect and bond over their baby. That said, things could go more the other direction first and Sally will have Summer’s machinations to contend with in the meantime.

Drunk and Disorderly

Whew! Those scenes with Phyllis were messy! I can’t get enough of her and Michael — I just about jumped out of my chair when he bellowed at her that Diane is not the source of all of her problems. Phyllis, naturally, disagreed completely, and drunkenly declared that Diane was, in fact, to blame for everything that was wrong with her life. With Red on a bender like this, it can only mean big trouble — not only for Diane but for Phyllis herself, because, well, Phyllis. We always kinda knew she’d team with Jeremy when she hit bottom and the scene was set in the preview as she wakes up on the sofa with Stark looking at her and saying she’s lucky to be alive. So, she clearly owes him one for saving her life, and/or she’ll be persuaded to help him get rid of Diane, feelng she has nothing left to lose. Let me just say this, with Phyllis having wished Diane dead in public, you have to wonder how sinister a turn this story will take.

As for Jack proposing to Diane… Peter Bergman plays his emotional scenes so perfectly that one can’t help but feel swept up into the romance of it all, but how thick can Jack be?!? Such a fool for love.

This is my opinion. Please feel free to share your thoughts on Young & Restless in the comment section below.

Such fun! Look back on your Genoa City favorites then and now in the photo gallery at the end of this article.


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