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Deconstructing Y&R: Nick Dazed, but Not Confused, Over Emptied Account

October 2 - 6

The stories are moving forward, but I’m not overly excited about any of them, and the energy and drama continue to be low-key, occasionally to the point of being ridiculous. Nick literally shrugged his shoulders at his bank account being cleared out, and Cane and Lily weren’t even allowed to show ‘big’ feelings while processing the painful idea of divorcing. Understated reactions are sometimes very powerful, but it’s not realistic on an ongoing basis on a soap, and makes the characters seem like they’re in some sort of haze. Of course there are exceptions, as Hilary is often written as over-the-top angry, and ‘Head Trauma’ Victoria also surfaces when convenient to clash with people – in both cases more explanation is sorely needed, but at least they provide some drama. Thoughts:

Maximum impact.
In the last Deconstructing Y&R, Graham’s secret was exposed, and we’re patiently waiting for Ashley or Ravi to make the connection between Graham and Brent Davis. I still can’t believe that this got past Dina, and we still have no explanation as to why she suddenly become so enamored of Graham, or why she’s so dependent on him, but onward we plod. The story seems headed toward Ashley’s true paternity being exposed just as she accepts the prestigious award that links her name with John Abbott’s forever – for maximum emotional impact. Abby, of course, will also be horrified to learn the truth, and is bound to lash out. While the mining of the Abbott history is appreciated, some aren’t keen on the long lost brother development:

Sinking Brash & Sassy?
In the Jabot versus Brash & Sassy war, Billy took Jack’s bait hook, line, and sinker. It looked as though Billy would in fact bring down Brash & Sassy as he convinced Victoria to act on the phony information Jack planted, which put Victoria and Lily’s futures are on the line as well. Notably, they offered Lily an executive position in a scene that had Lily and Billy sharing an embrace that seemed to unsettle him just a tad. What was that about? Anyway, they barely had time to start acting on the false information before Victoria’s buzzing head (which disappears for weeks and returns when convenient) had her majorly rocking the boat with Phyllis, which led to Phyllis and Jack having a conversation about Billy. Unable to stomach talk of Billy being loyal and honest, Jack’s overwhelmingly negative feelings about his brother, ironically, led him to risk the success of his own scheme by revealing Billy’s deceit to Phyllis prematurely. It will definitely be interesting to see what she will do next.

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Divorce decree.
Lily moved forward with her plan to divorce Cane this week and while Michael cautioned her, Neil supported her, and the twins were irritated and looking to place blame on Jordan and/or Juliet, no one reacted quite as strongly to the news as Hilary, who blasted Cane in the Athletic Club gym. Sorry, just don’t get it! After weathering the initial shock of hearing of Lily’s decision from Michael, telling the twins, and dealing with Hilary, Cane ended up in Juliet’s suite where he urged her to stay in town. I can’t shake the feeling that something’s going to happen to Juliet, as the finger could be pointed at a number of people – Cane, Charlie, Hilary, or even Lily.

Halfway there.
Well, it was looking like the sex ring storyline was going to finally wrap up as Crystal was reunited with Tessa, but alas, she was bundled off to Witness Protection before she could identify Zach, and Alice met a rather unexpected fate. Of course, we don’t know if we’ll see Alice again, but if not, it’s nice they put in the scene of her and Sharon remembering Cassie. Anyway, Alice’s return ended up being the most appealing element of this storyline for me, so it’s a real bummer that Zach wasn’t exposed as well, so we could deal with that fallout and move on.

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Everything to lose.
As the Victor/Nick feud continued, Nick displayed an unbelievably laid-back reaction to learning that his bank account had been cleaned out – of course we don’t know what portion of the $500 million Victor managed to recoup from that one account, but surely the knowledge that someone had accessed the account alone would be cause for alarm. After telling run-ins with both Kevin and Victor, Nick deduced in a satisfyingly short amount of time that his father was in fact behind the disappearing funds. He was smart enough to figure this out, but didn’t report it, and likely won’t be sharp enough to protect the rest of his money. He also will probably escalate the matter until he really regrets it, because, well, Victor always wins. Notably, many fans enjoyed Nick and Kevin’s clash:

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– Candace Young


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