Young & Restless Paternity Shocker: Sally and Nick’s Next Move — Plus, Daniel’s Story Takes a Turn for the Disappointing

February 13 - 17

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Young & Restless, even during February Sweeps, finds ways to actively avoid soapy drama, dodging potential storyline goldmines as though they’re landmines. Thoughts:

Grinding Gears

Adam was entertaining this week, what with grinding Kyle’s gears by complimenting him as he left Jabot and giving Victor an ultimatum — he’d come back to the fold if he gives him Victoria’s job. That said, I’m over him being endlessly patient and understanding. It’s just not who he is. Adam was one of the most calculating and easily-triggered characters on Young & Restless and he’s been neither of those things for quite some time. Why would you water down a villain with Adam’s ability to create chaos and complicated romantic drama to this degree?!

Given that Young & Restless’s current writing regime is hyper-focused on where characters will be employed, it will be interesting to see where Adam lands next given that it’s increasingly clear that Victor’s plan to hand him the reins of Tucker’s company isn’t going to pan out. Too many people are in the know about McCall’s financial circumstances at this point. It could have been Adam who rocked Victor and Victoria’s world — but that would have been amazing so it’s almost certainly not happening. For more on Tucker’s company watch for an upcoming story.


Thank goodness Ashley returned because her clashes with Jack and fraught banter sessions with Tucker are giving me life. That’s it, that’s all.

The Further the Fall

Diane climbs ever higher and mightier — moving back into the Abbott mansion and angling for more power at Jabot — which only means the fall will be that much further. While Jeremy Stark’s return doesn’t really have anyone shaking in their boots — the guy is coming across as small potatoes thus far — the prospect of him teaming up with Phyllis holds potential… if he can convince her. I expect something will happen to push her to that point as they’re so obviously teasing it.

Shake It Up

Unpopular opinion, perhaps, but squabbling Summer and Kyle need a real shake-up/break-up. These characters hold so little appeal as written, not to mention they’re of the soap opera age where they should be involved in all sorts of shenanigans. That said, I don’t know who either of them would get romantically involved with if they weren’t together! Not a great state of affairs.

Wrong Turn

It was awesome to see Heather and to meet teen Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant is fantastic!), but wow, did Daniel’s storyline take a wrong turn! After Daniel partook in another round of reminiscing in the park (during a Wisconsin winter) with Lily, it couldn’t have been more obvious that they were going to put them together. Not unexpected, but why would they have Heather come to town and announce she had moved on, thus eliminating the only obstacle that might have prevented a Daniel/Lily do-over? The writers literally removed the aspect of the story — Heather fighting for her man — that might have created drama once Lily and Daniel realized they were falling for one another again. Sorry Young & Restless, the flashbacks to them dressed up as fruit aren’t going to be enough to create rooting value for this pairing. They’ll be just another boring couple without soapy conflict.

Paternity Shocker

Things were fairly quiet with Sally’s pregnancy storyline this week, although both she and Nick shared the news with others. Victoria and Sharon’s reactions were priceless as both were rendered momentarily speechless with only their widened eyes giving away their shock. Sharon was downright comical as it dawned on her that Sally didn’t know if the father was Nick or Adam. Loved it.

The paternity test results are coming and according to SOD, Sally and Nick will be shocked. This teaser indicates to me that something is up. Nick being the father wouldn’t be shocking, and neither would Nick being ruled out as the father. Will Sally and Nick discover that the paternity test is inconclusive? That would mean that Nick could neither be included nor excluded as the possible father and further testing would be required. In this case, they’d be faced with the prospect of telling Adam about the pregnancy and having him tested. Given Nick and Adam are half-brothers, the child could share markers with Nick even if he or she is Adam’s and vice-versa. Even if it’s unlikely in real life, in the soap world it’s a terrific way to drag out the reveal.

This is just my opinion. What are your thoughts on Young & Restless’s storylines this week? What do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comment section below.

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