Young & Restless: Sally and Nick’s Plan Is Set to Go Awry — and Adam’s Plotting His Next Move

February 6 - 10

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It’s safe to say fans don’t care as half much as the Young & Restless writers do about who works where in Genoa City. The barrage of business-focused storylines has become tiresome and hasn’t led to a lot in the way of anticipation when it comes to February Sweeps, though there is some intrigue worth watching.

False Alarm

Look, I’m glad they’re giving Mariah and Tessa some kind of story, but they remain disconnected from other stories, including those taking place at Jabot where Mariah works, and they’re adopting a child from someone unseen who has no connection to anyone or anything else on the canvas. They’ve had some sweet scenes exploring their emotions regarding their situation, and as much as it was terrific to see Elena and Tessa’s friendship on display, their dialogue was unremarkable. There’s not a lot of effort being made to hold onto the essence of who these characters were/are as individuals, a situation that will persist if we’re headed for “sitcom” style adventures in parenting.

Omega Tears

Thankfully, Heather and Lucy will turn up next week because Daniel’s story needs a boost. I’m already sick of hearing about Omega Sphere and he hasn’t even written any code yet. This needs to be more about the soapy personal stuff than his venture. Now that he’s had time to reconnect with other characters, let’s go.

As the Firings Turn

Well, Phyllis managed to get herself fired by both her son and daughter, which is quite a feat even for her. I wonder if Daniel might soften and re-hire her after Heather shows up and he realizes that his mother’s little trip might just have helped after all. Lord knows he needs her to write the damn code — who else is going to do it? Chance?! Probably. I did enjoy the Daniel/Chance bonding but let’s skip the man-pain sessions — this show needs action. Sadly, there’s little chance of ‘action’ on any front with Chance seemingly headed for a desk job and his flirting partner Sharon MIA. Circling back to Phyllis, she also needs a love life.

Troubled Waters

Speaking of Diane, she’s clearly got bigger ambitions than just landing in Jack’s bed, but a little bird tells us trouble’s about to come knocking at her door again very soon, which may throw a monkey wrench into her plans for promotion — or anything else for that matter.

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Also, as we saw in the preview, Ashley’s headed home and will not be happy to find Ms. Jenkins has taken up residence in the family home. Maybe Ash will move into the Grand Phoenix next to Tucker.

Next Steps

Like Jack isn’t about to have enough problems at home, Friday’s episode ended with his co-CEO declaring that he was leaving Jabot one way or another. Those were some juicy scenes with Kyle and Jack having a go at each other and I wonder if there will be any follow-through after what Kyle’s done or if it will just fizzle. Once again, Adam seems to be doing ‘the right thing’ but I’m looking forward to him turning into a schemer once again just in time to liven up sweeps. Teasers indicate that he’ll plot to undermine Victoria, which could very well mean he’ll be teaming up with Tucker. That, I’d like to see.

Battle Lines Drawn

Victor and Victoria going after McCall Unlimited is hardly surprising. What is a little surprising is that I’m finding myself rooting for Tucker, who did nothing for me when he first returned. Michael going out of his way to go “on the record” to say he was against bringing Audra Charles into their plan could be taken as foreshadowing as to where this is all headed.

Sally’s Big Week

Well, Sally got her do-over with Jill this week thanks to Nick and I was glad about it. One thing any Sally fan wants is for her to succeed in business under her own steam and this venture may be her shot. As we wait to hear about that, we have looming paternity test results. I think Sally and Nick’s plan to find out who fathered the child without bringing Adam into it is set to go awry. Here’s why… Nick and Adam are brothers, so this may not be as clear-cut from a testing standpoint as he and Sally are assuming it is.

A final word: In re-reading the column I realized all over again just how completely this soap has become focused on jobs. It’s astounding. Oh, and this:

Take a look at Young & Restless’ Jack and Diane and other soap couples in doomed romances in the photo gallery below.


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