Young & Restless Plot Twists: Adam’s Set to Get the Upper Hand, Tucker’s in Trouble (Or Is He?) — and Victoria Locks Lips With [Spoiler]

January 23 - 27

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Young & Restless’s special episode surrounding Tracey Bregman’s 40th anniversary of playing Lauren Fenmore was a highlight this week, as was the surprise news that Fen has a boyfriend, although some had guessed due to the preview with Trey arriving alongside him. In other news, the business back-stabbing is heating up on the soap ahead of February Sweeps.

Extra Bumpy Road Ahead

Wow, I hate that Jill canceled her meeting with Sally after receiving a call from Victor — but at the same time, we’ve been asking for less talk, and more action. At least Victor did more than just spout off about the redhead for a change. I’d have liked to have been privy to what was said on the call though. And here’s hoping Nick finds out and goes sideways. It was noteworthy that the writers had Sally keep mum about it — why wouldn’t she have told Nick what happened with Jill? As for the pregnancy, they’re really upping the cozy factor between Nick and Sally ahead of the inevitable discussion about Adam. As if it’s not complicated enough, it’s gonna be an extra bumpy ride with Victor determined to meddle in anything Sally-related.


Do they want us to dislike Kyle?!? Whining about his parents getting back together, whining about Adam, and now hiding things from his wife, who has put up with a lot already. Yep, Kyle is conspiring with Victor to oust Adam from Jabot despite Summer’s opposition to the idea and her warnings. He shoulda listened because — spoiler alert! — it’s going to bite him in the bum. It won’t be the least bit surprising when Adam, who has seen Kyle and Victor hanging out and knows exactly what’s going on, sets Kyle up and exposes him to Jack. Ol Smilin’ will be furious when he discovers that his son was colluding with his sworn enemy to push Adam out of Jabot. Can’t wait!

Loving Lauren

I loved the Lauren-centric anniversary episode. Of course, as with any of these specials full of flashbacks, it does illustrate how dramatic and soapy the show used to be as compared to the present day. Anyway, what a life Lauren has led. But it begs the question, “Why hasn’t anyone told Lauren that Sheila is alive?!?” Shouldn’t someone in L.A. have picked up the phone by now? At least she’s not letting her guard down completely. I was surprised — and yet not at all surprised — that Fen turned up with a boyfriend, but why did it have to happen off-screen?!? This could have been an entire, sorely needed, storyline for the Fisher-Baldwin family. It still could be if they move to Genoa City and Trey’s obsession with his love’s mother were to take a turn to the disturbing.

Team Devon

I’m Team Devon all the way in this battle that’s brewing with Lily — give the man his company back and forget about the IPO! Of course, none of this has ever made any sense. Why would Jill be pushing to take Katherine’s company public and put it in the hands of people who don’t care about her legacy? I guess I’m waiting to see if we’ll actually get a battle or if it will just fizzle out and they’ll all kiss and make up.

Tucker Twists

The banter between Tucker and Victoria had sparks flying — and we imagined a new power couple in the making — but so far, the writers are going another route. It was either setting up for a love match or a business takeover scenario, and it turns out that for now, it’s the latter. Rather than Tucker going after Newman, the twist is that it’s Victor and Victoria eyeing McCall Unlimited, which is rumored to be in trouble. Is it really? Or does Tucker just want them to believe that? Whether cornered and in trouble or plotting, Tucker’s dangerous, and I’m a fan of the developing story. In related commentary, SOD teased that Victoria is going to kiss Nate. While I would have guessed at a Nate/Elena/Audra triangle, this works too, as Audra remains entangled with Tucker. Messy!

Dealing With Mom

I got a kick out of ‘gung-ho’ Phyllis making moves to try to try and find a new backer for the gaming platform, knowing it would somehow backfire and Daniel would get fed-up with her. Too funny. It’s somewhat intriguing trying to guess what will happen with Omega Sphere — I kinda hope Daniel ends up working with Tucker so we get more Phyllis and Tucker scenes. Right now, I’m more excited about the upcoming return of Heather and Lucy. The idea of Phyllis with a rebellious teen granddaughter is super entertaining. Here’s your first look at Daniel’s reunion with his loved ones!

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