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Deconstructing Y&R: Graham’s Secret Is (Finally!) Revealed

September 25 - 29

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, the stakes were raised in the Victor/Nick feud, and this week Graham’s secret was revealed at last (at least to the audience). There was progression in most of the storylines, which is encouraging, though many viewers still seem only half-heartedly invested in the outcomes. Thoughts:

As much of a stretch as it is to believe Kevin could hack into Nick’s accounts and transfer millions of dollars undetected, it has been a positive having the character back on the canvas. While I found Kevin’s tete-a-tete with Cane unexpected, the conversation he held with Mariah totally hit the mark, and it made all the sense in the world.

As for Mariah’s attempt to tell Tessa how she feels about her, I felt her pain, and couldn’t decide if Tessa derailed the conversation on purpose or not. The flirtation seems mutual, so it makes me wonder if she has a reason for wanting to stick with Noah. Some exposition in that regard would be nice.

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So Abby told the leader of the sex ring that Scott is doing an expose on sex trafficking (oops), and the creeper suggested they all have dinner together. All kinds of uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Tessa and Mariah decided to go for it, and kidnapped Alice. I thoroughly enjoyed the bit with Alice freaking out upon seeing Mariah, thinking she was Cassie, hehe, and the gaslighting. Aside from that, I mainly keep hoping for them to get on with this story and wrap it up.

Divorce court.
There’s no real rooting value in a Cane/Juliet match given the way the story’s been written, and it’s hard to believe that Lily will actually move on. Lily’s heartbreak elicited genuine ‘feel’s, but there’s a sense that something will occur to derail the divorce. Perhaps something will happen to Juliet, as Hilary and Cane’s latest scheme was to try and convince her to go away. Theories anyone? As for Hilary, the level of her intensity in trying to reunite Lily and Cane is way over-the-top, and kind of mystifying. She also had another run-in with Devon, with sparks flying as they bantered and touched on some of their ‘issues’. It will be interesting to see where things go if he ends up single again.

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The business rivalry/personal rivalry with Jabot and Brash & Sassy bumped up a notch with Ravi revealing that Jabot’s server had been hacked by someone using Phyllis’ computer and Dina’s password. Jack instantly deduced that it was Billy, and rather than expose him to Phyllis immediately (a little surprising), he concocted a plan to feed his foes fake information and beat them at their own game. On the other side of it, Victoria forgave Victor for the umpteenth time despite her recent outrage over him kicking Nick out of the tackhouse, and she and Billy will fight back with the secret, magical youth line the Mustache just happened to have in the vault for such an occasion. Of course Vic’s coming for Jack now because he has the audacity to dally with Nikki, while what Victor did to Phyllis and Jack has been swept under the rug, leaving Jack single-mindedly focused on revenge on Billy. Makes sense, right? This storyline remains skewed, but at least viewers have been able to follow the twists and flying accusations, and react:

In related commentary, Ashley accused Graham of stealing Jabot’s confidential information, when that’s not what he’s after at all. It turns out he’s likely Brent Davis’ son (and Ash’s half-brother), who is out for revenge on Dina for ‘ruining their lives’. I find it pretty unbelievable that sharp-as-a-tack mogul Dina wouldn’t have sussed out that Graham, who is still using his real last name, was from Genoa City and had an agenda. Smells like a rewrite. Nonetheless, it could be interesting, and it’s a nod to the complicated history between mother and daughter, so we’ll see where it takes us.

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– Candace Young


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