Young & Restless: Victor’s Gearing Up to Do the *Unthinkable* — and the Jig is Up for Sally

January 9 - 13

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Young & Restless is disappointingly devoid of drama and half the stories don’t make sense, but we have some incredible actors on this show who make the absolute most of the material. This week I’m breaking things down by episode:


Monday’s episode was the most promising in some time what with Tucker and Ashley finally hooking up only to have Devon come barreling in and positively blast his father… which then brought Ash to tears despite her insistence that her interest in her ex was all an act. Audra was fired and immediately landed an opportunity at Newman Media. It would have been amazing to see this character actually stir up drama with Noah, which would tie in with her going to work at his family’s company, but they’re playing her with Nate and Elena instead. We then had the delicious episode-ender of Tucker asking Phyllis — who had just seen Jack kissing Diane — if she was ready to “burn it all down.” What a prospect!


Today the writers immediately defused the excitement about a possible Tucker and Phyllis scheme team — why can’t we have nice things?!? — and took Jack to new depths of stupidity as he moved beyond being Diane’s accomplice in plotting against Jeremy to offering to commit a crime on her behalf. Really?!? If Diane and Jeremy were in cahoots this would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

I couldn’t help but feel for Ashley, who despite her resolve, did fall for Tucker again “just a little bit” and was disappointed. He may truly have wanted the best for both Devon and Ashley, but the way McCall went about it, neither of them would ever believe he had good intentions. Where does that leave him? Trying to make amends, which is a far cry from the havoc-wreaking fans had hoped for with his return. Finally, I was glad to see Devon make the move to take his company back — it was the wrong move from the start and — love her — but I’m over Lily hollering about “her” company when she doesn’t own Chancellor.


I genuinely enjoyed the acting and nuances in Billy and Lily’s break-up scenes even if the whole premise is entirely plot-driven and makes no sense. The same goes for the scenes where Chelsea comforted Billy and he opened up about the night on the roof, but this story suffers from the same issues and then some.

It was as satisfying as all get out watching Chance lash out at Abby — especially given she had the gall to try and shame him for believing she’d move on with Devon already when she has, in fact, had sex with him again!

The new developments involving Victor were unsurprising yet horrid. He’s setting out to ruin Adam for not wanting to rejoin the family fold and yet doesn’t see that this approach illustrates exactly why his son cut ties with him to begin with! Worse, Victor’s hell-bent and determined to find out what’s going on with Chelsea — and you’re just not paying attention if you don’t see the endgame there – he will schmooze her into leaving Connor with them and getting her to open up, and when he finds out about the suicide attempt, will use her ‘instability’ against her as a reason to keep the boy at the ranch. That, in turn, will play into his plan to lure Adam back into the Newman clan.


Thursday was a case of wayyy too much talk and not enough of anything else. Just a bunch of conversations where everyone sounded like everyone else’s armchair therapist — Noah/Nick, Daniel/Lily, Billy/Chelsea — I woulda dozed off if not for Chloe spicing things up with her little plot to have Nick find out about Sally’s pregnancy.


Is he wising up? Kyle picked up on Diane getting a “thrill” out of “playing the game”. He should have taken that thought a step further and put together the whole picture — she’s not at all “terrified” of Jeremy and has managed to manipulate Jack into committing a criminal act on her behalf. She wouldn’t let Jack pay the guy off but she’ll let him do this?!? Make it make sense. We also had Sally’s close brush with exposure, but she managed to hide the prenatal vitamins before Nick saw them. Good catch, but it’s going to come out next week per SOD spoilers. How do you think Nick will react?

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