The Young & Restless Shockers That Will Blow Up Tucker’s Plans — Plus, Sally’s Pregnancy Stunner and 2022 Report Card

December 26 - 30

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As we wrap up another year of Young & Restless, here’s a look back at the past week along with a final report card for the daytime drama in 2022.

The Abbotts’ Diane Problem

Summer has worked hard to be supportive of Kyle where Diane’s return is concerned, but the preview suggests she’s nearing the end of her rope. Which means trouble ahead for the very-marrieds. With Diane courting danger in her latest plan to con Jeremy, I wouldn’t be surprised if Summer tells Kyle enough is enough. Given how vehemently Kyle’s been defending his mother lately, it could make for quite a conflict if his wife doesn’t want their son Harrison to be put at risk by having contact with his ‘Dee Dee’.

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While it was fun to have Diane come back from the dead, the story has dragged at times, and relies too heavily on Jack being gullible. It’s now centering on newcomer Jeremy Stark, who, much like Ashland, hasn’t lived up to his ‘big bad’ reputation and who suffers from Murky Agenda Syndrome — do the writers even know what he’s after yet? It’s like they’re penning this week-to-week. Don’t get me wrong, I love James Hyde, but the powers that be need to better define his character.

The dramatic highlights in this story, for me, have been the clashes between Diane and the other women, most notably Phyllis, and the conflict that has arisen between Jack and Ashley. I love to watch them go at it! I was intrigued by Ashley telling Jack he should have more faith in her after she kissed Tucker. More on that later in this column.

What Are We Rooting For?

It’s pretty clear we’re headed for a Billy/Lily split and new pairings for them with Daniel and Chelsea. I’m all for Lily kicking Billy to the curb after the fiasco in the park. As for the relationship shake-up, I find the predictability of the whole situation to be boring. Hopefully, if/when they put Daniel and Lily together there’s a deeper story than just the two of them working together, which would be a repeat of her story with Billy.

As for Billy and Chelsea, there appears to be quite a disconnect between what the writer wants to happen and what the audience wants to see. What, exactly, are we supposed to be rooting for here?

Danny’s Return

How fun was it for Danny to spend New Year’s reconnecting with Lauren, Michael, and Traci?! Also terrific were the scenes with Danny and Phyllis coaxing Daniel into revealing what had happened with Heather and Lucy. I feel hopeful they can reintegrate Danny into the Genoa City fold — especially if he reconnects with Cricket as has been teased.

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Who’s the Daddy?

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, as they say — Sally’s pregnant! I’ve seen a good deal of grumbling about this development, but it’s arguably one of the soapiest under this regime. Viewers pleaded for this when Elena slept with both Devon and Nate and never got it. Yes, it’s a soap trope. Yes, Adam and Nick have been involved in a ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ story before. Yes, it would be nice to see other characters get pregnant too. But, I love the idea of Sally getting a little redheaded mini-me and I’m glad they delved into her difficult background to flesh it out. This plot is messy as all get out — and that’s even before Victor gets involved in this (you know he will!). I like Sally with both Nick and Adam, so expect to feel delightfully torn. That equates to soapy goodness.

As for whose baby Sally is carrying… my hunch is that it’s Adam’s, but as is wont to happen on soaps, it could take years to get the paternity well and truly sorted out. If you don’t believe us, just ask Nick, who was still dealing with shocks about Summer’s paternity into her teens.

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Love and Family

Devon and Nate managed to share a holiday visit without anyone getting punched after Elena and Abby — who is clearly going to become a fixture in the penthouse and Devon’s life — brought the cousins together for a drink in an effort to smooth the waters. I’d say their immediate future relationship hinges on how Nate handles the news that Devon cheated, which is bound to come out. I have to wonder if Nate will end up cheating on Elena as well — with his boss. There are a bunch of fans out there who want Nate/Victoria to cross a line.

As for the tension with Chance picking up Dom from the penthouse, it was a good beat to play, but we all know the writers will have them holding hands and singing Kumbaya before long. I’m more interested in what Chance will do as he moves on… and whether he’ll indulge himself in some of Sharon’s lovin’.

Mama Bears

It’s heartwarming to think that ‘Teriah’ will finally get to adopt a baby and begin growing their family, but I can’t help but hope there’s still somehow some drama in it to keep them on-screen. They’ve spent enough time on the backburner.

Tucker Shocker(s)

Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Devon will discover a shocking secret about Tucker. My guess is he’ll uncover his involvement with Audra, the consultant Jill hired to oversee Chancellor-Winters’ IPO. He’ll assume that his father is using her to help him take over the company for nefarious reasons and the you-know-what will hit the fan. But that may not be the only setback Tucker experiences. I think (hope) Ashley’s playing him and he’ll be absolutely shocked to discover it, given he clearly believes he’s the one in control. It will be interesting to see where the chips fall if his plans blow up in his face.

Young & Restless Report Card

It’s honestly a ‘D’ much of the time, and perhaps in the overall sense, but I’m going to gift Young & Restless with a C+ grade for 2022. Why? Due to the improvements made as the show marks its 50th anniversary. The writers have managed to pull off some surprises (Diane and Tucker’s returns), dramatic deaths (Ashland and Rey), add a touch of scandal (Abby and Devon) and soapy drama (Sally/Adam/Nick), and brought back faves Daniel and Danny to end the year.

The show continues to struggle with several ongoing issues: 1) Nothing happens. There’s too much tedium and a lack of drama on the whole. 2) Focusing on characters that aren’t all that popular with a majority of the audience. Why has a fan-favorite lead female spent years pouring coffee?!? 3) Repetition of tired themes 4) Lack of story development. Characters constantly switching careers or moving companies is not a substitute for actual character-driven plots. 5) Forcing unpopular or boring pairings. 6) By-passing clear opportunities for fabulous drama that present themselves organically.

This is only my opinion! Please leave your final grade for Young & Restless in the comment section below before you celebrate a safe and happy New Year!

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