Young & Restless: Will Sally’s Bundle Bring ‘Ally’ Fans Joy? Plus, How Dumb Is Jeremy Stark?!?

December 19 - 23

Sally Billy Jeremy Y&R

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Young & Restless gave us some really nice holiday scenes this week, and I love that Danny Romalotti is back. Here’s hoping he’ll stick around!

Fighting and Feel-Good Moments

It was a mixed bag for the Abbotts as the holiday approached. Jack and Ashley went at it as only they can — I can’t get enough of them fighting. So fun to watch! Tension swirled around Kyle and Jack as they hid Diane and later concocted a plan to distract Jeremy Stark, but this was offset by the feel-good moments of Kyle and Summer exchanging gifts and surprising Diane at the cabin. That said, I really hope we get some conflict between “Skyle” over the Diane situation before all is said and done. Don’t forget, when Diane first arrived, Phyllis predicted she would inflict damage on their marriage.

As for Jack’s visit to Stark, Jeremy would have to be the dumbest man alive not to realize that Jack was trying a little too hard to get rid of him. If he was really done with Diane and furious with her, and she was truly gone, why would the Jabot scion care whether Stark stayed in Genoa City or not?!? And why would he still be trying to pay him off?!

In related commentary, I sincerely hope Ashley has Tucker’s number and is playing him, even as he believes he’s playing her. Especially knowing he’s sleeping with Audra to keep her in line while declaring his undying love to Ash. So smarmy.

Off the Rails

I was glad that Cheslea got to exchange gifts with Johnny but Billy is out of control making all of these plans that cater to Chelsea without considering Lily or Victoria. It really is like another addiction for him!

Cop Conundrum

They keep throwing Sharon and Chance in scenes together, and she’s clearly become his “person” in the wake of his failed marriage but I had to wonder at the reason for the writers sticking Audra into the middle of things this week. Where are they going with all that?!?

In related, we never got to see Noah answer Allie as to how he reacted when Audra kissed him, and now she’s apparently forgiven him — no drama to see here, folks!

The Nightmare Before the Christmas Miracle

Mariah and Tessa’s special episode totally fooled me into thinking it was all real… until it was revealed to be a dream. Of course, they got their miracle in the end when they received word they’d been chosen to be the adoptive parents of a baby girl. So sweet! It was nice to see them finally get some significant airtime, which was a gift for the loyal “Teriah” fans.

Bun In the Oven

Sally and Nick, unsurprisingly, wasted no time in getting back together after her romp with Adam. What was surprising, however, was how much they grew on me after that chat in the park. It was way past time for Young & Restless to reveal the details of Sally’s past that Bold & Beautiful fans already knew. Of course, their scenes ended with Sally feeling off after drinking her coffee and with a hand over her stomach. That can only mean that my speculation that Sally is pregnant is correct. However, it may not be a “Who’s the Daddy?” story, as she only bedded Adam a week or so ago. So, will the baby definitely be Nick’s? That would certainly be a disappointment for the “Ally” fans.

This is just my opinion. Have a safe and happy holiday, and be sure to let me know your thoughts on the week below.

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