The Young & Restless Bombshell That Will Devastate Kyle and Jack — In More Ways Than One

December 12 - 16

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You never know whether you’re going to get the Young & Restless Therapy Hour or Job Swaps of the Rich and Restless when you tune in these days, but I am intrigued to find out what’s really going on with Diane, Tucker, and Jeremy, and took a stab at a theory. Feel free to poke holes in it, it’s all in fun.


‘All therapy, all the time’ seems to be Young & Restless’ new motto as we had Chelsea’s apology tour, Sharon constantly doling out advice, Traci counseling Lily… even Daniel got in on the psychoanalysis. It’s too much, not to mention soap characters are supposed to be dysfunctional. Perhaps the powers that be hired a therapist to consult and are trying to get their money’s worth. If so, the person must have been off the day the script was written for Chelsea and Billy’s discussion on the rape in Myanmar because it was a fiasco. As always, the actors did fantastic work, but viewers were appalled by the show’s handling of the serious topic. Find out what outraged fans said on social media here.

Protesting Too Much

Yeah, Devon really doesn’t want Nate to find out that he cheated with Abby because, as Lily suggested, it might level the playing field somewhat and he’d lose some footing on his moral high ground. Are they the same thing? As Devon pointed out, Nate’s transgression was calculated and planned, and his was not. That said, it still hurt people. All I know is that Abby needs to woman up and take responsibility for her marriage ending and not let Chance take the blame.

Mr. Right Now?

Speaking of Chance, Sharon was the one who was finally able to put a smile back on his handsome face, which may have been a tease for a potential romance between the two. I’m all for it. Why shouldn’t she take the opportunity to get some “love in the afternoon” while Nick is dating Sally? It’s inevitable they will put “Shick” back together at some point, but there’s nothing wrong with Sharon finding her “Mr. Right Now” in Chance. Of course, a fling between the two would have been even better when he was still with Abby, who slept with Scott when he was living with Sharon, but I’ll take it. Some fans are against the idea of “Shance” because there’s an age difference, but that doesn’t bother me in the least and feels like a societal double standard where women and younger men are concerned.

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I smell something rotten in Dianeville. Calling it (or something like it) now — Kyle and Jack will be devastated when they learn that Diane has been playing them and is in cahoots with Jeremy and Tucker (or at least one of them). It shouldn’t surprise them, but it will because they’ve completely bought into the con. Worse, they won’t just be hurt on a personal level but may lose Jabot as well.

Things to ponder: Diane waited until just before Jeremy would have qualified for early release to return to Genoa City, put her sob story into motion, and get the Abbotts onside. He was inside for six years and she didn’t come back before then. This coincided with Tucker’s return to town to “win Ashley back” aka, make his move on Jabot and Chancellor Industries. Jack, Kyle, and Phyllis all reacted to Diane’s return exactly as she knew they would. Phyllis is taking all the heat, Ashley and Jack are at odds — which plays into Tucker’s plan where Jabot is concerned — and Jeremy is serving as the perfect distraction for Tucker to make his move on the company.

Still don’t think there’s anything fishy going on? Tucker called someone and said it was “time” and not long afterward Jeremy showed up. Jeremy didn’t go to the Abbott house because of Phyllis’ call — she wouldn’t have sent him there and would have told him Diane was staying at the hotel if anything — no, Jeremy almost certainly showed up to confront Diane at the Abbott house as part of a plan for Jack to find him there, thus triggering his protective mode. Don’t forget, Diane knew Jack would be meeting her at the house at that time.

How did Jeremy get into Jabot to surprise Phyllis even after Jack put extra security in place? It likely had something to do with Diane, who has access. Diane claimed to Jack and Kyle that she was terrified of Jeremy, but she certainly didn’t act it when they were alone.
Diane Jeremy Y&R

If Stark is broke and needs his money so desperately, who bankrolled his trip to GC, and who is paying for his room? My guess is Tucker. It’s also suspicious that neither Diane or Jeremy jumped at Jack’s offer to pay him off.

The endgame? Tucker gets Jabot, Diane gets Jack and the Abbott money, and Jeremy gets whatever he’s been promised in the deal.

“But,” you’re thinking, “Diane is missing Christmas with her family to hide at the cabin. Would she do that if she weren’t truly frightened?” Of course, she would. This is Diane, who let her son believe she was murdered.

At the very least, Diane’s “truths” have been revealed in such a way as to manipulate Kyle and Jack. It’s possible she is genuinely reformed and is being used unwittingly or participating in a scheme against her will — hence her slapping a smug and smirky Tucker — but it’s typical on soaps that the person no one will listen to is proven right in the end, and in this scenario that person is Phyllis.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Young & Restless in the comment section below.

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