Young & Restless Tapped Out on November Sweeps but Cheating Drama Lies Ahead — Plus, First Look Photos of Jeremy Stark in Genoa City

November 28 - December 2

Diane Nick Adam Sally mashup Y&R

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It felt as though Young & Restless tapped out of November sweeps after offering up the heartbreaking suicide storyline involving Chelsea, and the shocker of Devon and Abby cheating. The month closed out with Nate asking Elena to play musical jobs again and a bunch of confrontations — which are entertaining — but not a substitute for big stories that are hitting. That said, December got off to a fine start with Sally/Adam and the arrival of Jeremy Stark.

Everyone Loves Chelsea

There’s waaayyy too much time being spent talking in Chelsea’s storyline. While the drama of her wanting to end it all was heartrending, and the acting top-notch, the aftermath has become endless scenes of the writers indulging in therapy speak. Are the messages good? Yes, of course. Is it making for riveting soap opera? Nope. If you don’t believe me, ask the Crimson Lights Puppet:

The most interesting development was Lily subtly warning Chelsea about her growing dependency on Billy, mostly because you know it’s going to come back to bite her. Billy will discover that Chelsea took Lily’s suggestion to lean on others as a signal to back off and that’s why she was ignoring his calls. That will probably put the final nail in the Billy/Lily coffin and land him at Chelsea’s door. If we could have nice things, we’d later learn that Chelsea saw an opportunity and played it to her advantage. That would be a step in the right direction.


Sally landed back in Adam’s arms, and, we can safely assume, his bed. Well, her bed technically. Anyway, this is the perfect set-up for Nick to show up at the door fresh off of defending her at length to Victor. Will he still take her back if she wants him? You bet! Will she want to go back to Nick after having sex with the man she loves and who wants to marry her? Probably! This is where it gets ridiculous, but at least it qualifies for love in the afternoon drama.

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Dark Horse, the Sequel

Speaking of love in the afternoon, Noah Newman is said to be hitting the sheets with his former flame Audra next week, per SOD. You all know I love this and called it a while back. Cue Nick complaining to his son about people who cheat and Noah giving Eeyore while he contemplates what he’s done to that sweet Allie.

Saved By the… Baby Monitor

Abby and Devon almost went for round two! They would have if not for the baby monitor, yet Abby still managed to look utterly gobsmacked at Chance wanting to divorce her. They’re clearly going to stick Abby and Devon together, which will put her in close proximity to Tucker, who just met his grandson and vowed to stick around for him. She’ll be thrilled. Btw, Tucker’s scenes with Dom brought out a different side of him from what we usually see and it was a nice switch.

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In Your Face

Lotsa good confrontations that deserve a shout-out this past week: Nick needling Nate, Victoria confronting Nick, and everyone handing Billy’s ass to him — Lily, Victoria, Phyllis, Daniel. Hehe. I’m sure I forgot some, so remind me in the comment section.

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The New Big Bad on the Block

Diane’s story finally picked up just in time for the holidays. Ashley giving Nikki the rundown on walking out of Thanksgiving after Diane declared herself a part of the family was hilarious. Kyle learned that Diane was supposed to be handing over Jabot financials to Tucker, which led to tension with Summer, who discovered he’d left her out of the loop about the newly-released-from-prison Jeremy Stark. Of course, it was none other than Phyllis who reached out to the big bad to tell him how to find Diane and literally invited the wolf to the Abbotts’ front door… which gave us our Friday cliffhanger.

Will this story finally be “lit”?!? Will Jeremy Stark live up to his hype as Ashland Locke failed miserably to do? As we wait to find out, enjoy these photos of the extremely good-looking criminal who will be setting up headquarters in his new digs at the Grand Phoenix hotel.
Jeremy Stark mashup Y&R

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