Young & Restless Baby Bombshell: What Happens Next Will Be *Messy* — Plus, Devon and Abby Got It On… and We Couldn’t Have Been More Surprised *or* Delighted

November 7 - 11

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Young & Restless knocked us for a loop this week and earned a ‘D’ for ‘Drama’ so far in November Sweeps.

Saturday Night Fever

Wee Harrison’s fever got us excited (sorry, kid) for some upheaval. It’s no secret that a child illness on a soap often leads to an unexpected paternity reveal. But it appears to have amounted to a whole lotta nothing, much as it did when Dominic kept getting sick. In Harrison’s case, the ‘rush to the hospital’ seemed to be all about making Diane sympathetic in Kyle’s eyes once again — and it worked. For Jack too. He ended the week hollering at Ashley after she revealed Tucker had given her some juicy intel on his ex-wife. I understand his concern that Kyle will end up hurt, but burying his head in the sand isn’t going to make it go away. This story isn’t doing a thing for Jack. I’m hoping Summer will stand her ground about wanting Diane gone so there’s some conflict for “Skyle.”

Sally’s Choice

Much ado has been made about Sally choosing between the Newman brothers, but the writers cooled their heels a bit on that front this week. Sally revealed that she wasn’t up for inviting conflict-prone Adam back into her life at the moment, and said she missed Nick, thus teasing that “Nally” would be the call. However, at the very same time, Adam was being coached by Jack to find a way to let Sally know that he loves her more than he ever thought he could love anyone — so you couldn’t count him out completely.

On the other hand, Adam found out about Chelsea’s suicide attempt, which is bound to become a focus for him. Get your tissue box out if you haven’t seen the “Chadam” scenes yet, because their silent communication and tearful embrace will have you choked up.
Chelsea Adam hug mashup Y&R

We speculated that Adam might take Jack’s advice and make a final pitch to win Sally back, only to end up having to let her go again to put his family back together to support Chelsea. It seems unlikely to go that way given upcoming spoilers, but could you even imagine if it played out like that?!? The torment!

In any case, Adam may very well decide that Chelsea needs him and Connor, which probably won’t go over well with Billy… whose opposition to the idea won’t, in turn, go over very well with Lily.

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Hear Me Roar

I just love Jill roaring back into town and instantly dialing up every scene she’s in a notch or ten. Her encounter with Esther, grilling Lily, her emotional confrontation with Billy, and finally, her exchange with Sally. I just knew Sally would get hired at Chancellor-Winters, and her run-in with Jill must be how it comes to be. Look out, Victoria!

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Pent-Up in the Penthouse

Wow! I was among the Young & Restless viewers who figured Abby and Devon’s cheating would begin and end with the kiss. Boy, were we wrong! The writers, who have gained a reputation for shying away from the kind of shocking drama that leaves everyone’s jaws on the floor and gums flapping at the water cooler, stunned us by penning them a sexy romp that had them all but climbing the penthouse walls and swinging from the chandeliers. Given time, they might have done that too! Of course, they ran out of time because — shocker #2 — Amanda and Chance walked in on them while they were still entangled in each other on the sofa!
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I can’t tell you the last time I was this delighted with the show — they finally remembered its a soap opera! The worst part of all this is that it’s Mishael Morgan’s exit story. I’m sorry to see her go, but hopeful that she’ll return. How about those scenes with Amanda reading Devon the riot act and her heart-wrenching goodbye with Phyllis? Can’t say enough!
Phyllis Amanda embrace Y&R

As for Devon, this comes right after he’s been on a bit of a high-horse with Nate, but he’ll no longer have the moral high ground where betrayal’s concerned. Look at his track record now — he’s cheated with Tyra, Hilary, Elena, and now Abby. His partner in the crime, Abby, is no stranger to cheatin’ either. If you don’t believe me ask Summer or Sharon. Speaking of Sharon, she might be just the person to console Chance, as odds are he’ll ditch his marriage. The conversation between Devon and Abby left me thinking they’ll get together.
Abby devon dom Y&R

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Baby Bombshell

For the second time in a week, I was thrilled at the soapy turn Young & Restless took as Audra dropped her bomb on Noah. It was enough to shock him out of that half-asleep state he walks around in, and made for some classic soap opera. Allie walking in on their tear-filled embrace was the icing on the cake. I wonder if she’ll have a go at Audra, causing Noah to ferociously defend his ex, which will make things extra messy! As for the reveal that she was pregnant with his baby and miscarried, soap viewers know better than to take that at face value:

There’s two ways this can go, well three, if you include the possibility that she really did miscarry and this just fizzles. The other two would be very messy. Either it’s a lie and she’s just using the story to play on Noah’s emotions and get him back into her bed, thereby crushing Allie, or she didn’t miscarry and instead carried the baby to term and gave it up. Who do we know that wants to adopt a baby? Noah’s half-sister Mariah and her wife, his ex, Tessa. Can you say, “Fiasco?”

This is just my opinion. Feel free to sound off on Young & Restless in the comment section below.

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