Anticipating a Young & Restless Cheating Scandal (Not *That* One!) — Plus, Sally’s Choice, Victoria’s Comeuppance, and Tucker’s Agenda

October 31 - November 4

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As Young & Restless makes its way into November Sweeps, there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s get right to it, starting with the moving scenes between Melissa Claire Egan and Jason Thompson as Chelsea and Billy during and after her suicide attempt…

Here For You

Egan and Thompson gave award-winning performances as Billy helped Chelsea through her attempted suicide on the rooftop of the Grand Phoenix and the material they were given to work with was pretty amazing too. Last week, I expressed disappointment that Chelsea hadn’t gone “soap-crazy” and I stand by that — it would have been truer to form for the character — but the writers are clearly driving in a certain direction with Chelsea and Billy. Case in point: Lily’s reaction to Billy revealing he’d promised his ex-fiancee he’d stand by her “every step of the way”. You can’t even blame her for being fed up with him running to “save” the other women in his life. It’s safe to say this couple is officially on the rocks.

There were a few bones to pick with the story, such as Billy suddenly and conveniently being more in tune with what was happening with Chelsea than Adam was, Billy leaving Lily sitting at the Glam Club, and Billy calling Sharon was questionable given her history with Chelsea. But she’s a nice tie-in to Adam, who, by the way, deserves to know what’s going on, if for no other reason than for Connor’s sake, despite how Billy may feel about him. I was stunned that after the suicide attempt, they had Billy say this line to Chelsea: “I believe anything is forgivable.” Maybe I heard it wrong, because… really?!? Do you, though, Billy?!?

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All Tuckered Out

As wonderful as it is to have a troublemaker on the canvas, I’d have preferred one more like Ashland, who I could root for in some respect, as opposed to this extra-smarmy version of Tucker McCall. Is it the constant smirking? I don’t know, but even knowing his agenda is partly “benevolent” (to use his word) — in that he wants to gift Devon with Chancellor and Ashley with Jabot — isn’t helping me warm up to him or the idea of him with Ashley. That said, their sparring on Friday’s episode was fun to watch.

Say What?!?

This whole Diane and Tucker storyline requires that the Abbotts be dumbed down to an extent to enable it. It never made sense that Jack would champion Diane over Phyllis, especially when he’d just gotten back into bed with Red, but it really doesn’t add up now that she’s been proven right about Diane having been deceptive. It was mind-boggling to listen to him spin recent events so as to be able to continue blaming Phyllis (while not saying a word about Nikki or Ashley’s involvement, by the way) and see him inch toward letting Diane off the hook. You’d think, like Summer, he’d see the writing on the wall and want Diane far away from Kyle and Harrison. Speaking of, we’ve started to see the beginning of trouble for “Skyle” as they take up different positions on the Diane drama.

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Karma’s a Coming

Elena was pretty much saying exactly what I was thinking when she called Nate out on his gullibility where Victoria’s agenda is concerned. He’s being too trusting of the Newman, who values his loyalty to her, but hasn’t had her own loyalty called into question yet. Would she throw him under the bus to save her company or her family? She sure would. It may be that a comeuppance of sorts is in store for both of them if this arrangement doesn’t work out as well as they assume. If Nate’s in over his head and Sally takes her amazing ideas to the competition, as I suspect she will, there will be some karma ahead. Whether or not Elena will take him back is the other question. She may for a time, but they’re just not operating on the same wavelength, so she may eventually gravitate back toward Devon, and that brings us to our next cheating scandal, which isn’t Elena and Devon but…

Soap Messiness

Devon and Abby will share a passionate kiss. We saw a Devon/Abby/Chance love triangle coming, and sure enough the preview for next week teases the best friends indulging in a spontaneous liplock after Devon tells Abby that Chance is a fool for not putting her and Dominic first. Hmm. Well, he’s not so much a fool as a cop, and while the former Naked Heiress version of Abby would have loved the rough and tumble life, current-day Abby seems better suited to a rich husband who will put her on a pedestal. It sounds like Devon would fit the bill, but I worry they’d be uber-boring as a couple. Anyway, it appears only a matter of time before Chance is back on the market, and I know just the woman for him. Hint: she was a fabulous wife to another Genoa City cop, who just happened to be his late partner. Did you see Sharon bringing Chance a pastry the other night when he “looked like he could use it”? I did.

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In other cheating news, Young & Restless spoilers tease that something heated is going to go down between Noah and Audra in the days ahead. We know their relationship was fiery in the past, so the chances that this interaction will lead to a kiss or even more seem pretty darn good. Heads-up Allie!

Sally’s Choice

On the heels of being fired from Newman Media, Sally has all sorts of decisions to make, but two very important ones — where she’ll work and with whom she’ll play. As the writers continue their game of musical jobs, we’re all but sure she’ll land at Chancellor-Winters, which gives the best oomph storyline-wise, particularly as her excelling there would stick it to the former boss that fired her, who just happens to be the same woman who plotted a takeover of Devon and Lily’s company — Victoria.

As for which man Sally will elect to move forward with, despite the show scaring up new hope for ‘Ally’, it just doesn’t seem like Adam and Sally are there yet. There’s more drama in Sally choosing Nick at this point, so expect her to decide to move forward with him and not his brother.

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Uh Oh

At the end of Friday’s episode, Harrison told Diane he was feeling sick and she realized he was running a fever. We all know what that means! Watch for more on this in an upcoming story next week on SOAPS.

This is just my opinion. Please share your thoughts on the current storylines in the comment section below!

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