Young & Restless’ Swerve in Chelsea’s Story Left Us Heartbroken… and Disappointed — Plus, a Couples Shake-Up and Victoria’s Surprising Misstep

October 24 - 28

Chelsea Sally Victoria Abby mashup Y&R

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Back from vacation, I found Young & Restless a little less compelling this week than it had been previously. There was a lot going on but nothing I felt super-invested in, and some plots had lost a little steam. We’ll see if the soap can gain momentum again going into November Sweeps.

Tables Turned

Phyllis may think that Diane’s past coming to light is going to ruin her and run her out of town, but I think Diane is going to win Jack’s sympathy, in part due to coming clean with him, and he’ll end up running to her rescue where Tucker, and possibly Jeremy, are concerned. Jack will say he’s doing it for Kyle’s sake but will realize he’s developed feelings for her again. This would stymie Phyllis and Nikki’s attempts to get rid of Diane and could cause problems for Kyle and Summer if she doesn’t want his mother around Harrison after the shady stuff comes out. Ashley, meanwhile, will almost certainly fall for Tucker again as she spends time pumping him for information on Diane (and we all know how that will turn out). Tucker confirmed his motives for going after Chancellor this week, which as we predicted in a previous soapbox, is for him and Devon to run Katherine’s company as their legacy. Of course, Katherine didn’t leave it to Tucker, so expect Victor et al to put up a fight.


Nick found himself in the unenviable position of having to fire Sally, the woman he’s been sleeping with, which could have opened up Newman Enterprises to a lawsuit. Given they wound up holding hands at the end of the conversation, it’s not likely to go that way… at least not right now. Victoria offered Nate the position of CEO of Newman Media, which may be a rare misstep on her part as Lily/Devon will immediately realize that she is the person he was conspiring with, and, as Nick pointed out, he’s arguably more inexperienced and unqualified than Sally. Worse, Sally may take her inside knowledge and good ideas elsewhere. In fact, I wonder if she’ll end up as Lily’s right-hand over at Chancellor-Winters. I’m sure Adam would love to hire her at Jabot but not only would the idea be swiftly nixed due to her history with Summer and Jack, but Sally probably wouldn’t want to work with Phyllis considering she had to walk out of Society after two minutes beside her at the bar. It might be fun for viewers though.

Love On the Rocks

There are three couples with uncertain futures right now on Young & Restless and a shake-up seems imminent. None of the three are couples I’m terribly invested in, in fact, it’s more entertaining to speculate on who the characters will end up with next… and whether it will be someone who will make them more interesting. Abby and Chance are clearly headed for trouble what with him seemingly being fixated on work. If they split, he’s likely to land with Chelsea or even Sharon, while Abby grows closer to Devon, who just mentioned a growing distance (both literally and figuratively) from Amanda. I wanted Devon and Amanda to be a new version of “Hevon” but the writing for them was never there. If Devon doesn’t gravitate toward Abby, he might reconcile with Elena, causing more problems with Cousin Nate. Finally, Lily chastised Billy for his interference with Nate, and their issues only appear to be getting worse as she loses patience with his focus having shifted from Victoria to Chelsea. Lily may end up with the returning Daniel and Billy could land back with Chelsea, which would cause more drama with the Johnny situation.

Bonus trouble: Audra’s presence is messing with Noah’s head and will cause problems with Allie if he’s not careful.


I happen to love it when “enemies” find common ground, therefore, I was a big fan of the scenes with Victoria and Adam calling a mini-truce this week. What fun it would be to have a shift in that dynamic on a longer-term basis. They’d be unstoppable working together. Billy’s line about the two of them smiling at each other being the scariest thing he’d see on Halloween was so on point.

This Is Nuts

Anyone who watched Melissa Claire Egan play Annie on All My Children or Chelsea at her conniving best on Young & Restless knows that there’s a goldmine to be had in her playing an unhinged character. With Chelsea snapping all over town, anticipation was building for her to go off the rails, but instead, the writers abruptly pivoted to a serious depression story. This regime seems intent on penning the character as a sympathetic romantic heroine type even though fans delight in Chelsea as deliciously devious and off the wall. The type of character we could use on the canvas right now, by the way. This is not to take anything away from Egan, who has done a brilliant job with the heart-rending material. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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