Young & Restless: Tucker’s *True* Agenda Revealed — Plus, Sally’s About to Have a Target on Her Back

October 10 - 14

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Young & Restless continues to improve and has become much more entertaining (soapy) in its 50th year. We could still do with some more big happenings and higher stakes, but onward and upward! I still find myself wondering why this regime wasn’t writing the drama this way all along.


Billy certainly knows how to put the ‘restless’ in Young & Restless! Mere weeks after throwing in the towel on his very fulfilling gig doing podcasts, he and Lily both realized that he’s like a walking zombie in the office and doesn’t belong there. Funny, I remember Chelsea saying this very thing, which is why I think he’ll head back to the podcast booth… with her in tow. Clearly, they both need to work through some issues, and they love to do it live on the air. The problem? They’re a tad on the outs right now over Johnny. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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Kudos to Sean Dominic and Brytni Sarpy, who delivered big in their emotional scenes this week as Elena decided to leave after it became clear that Nate still didn’t get it (still didn’t see what he was planning to do as wrong).
Elena Nate cry Y&R

Elena was absolutely right that he’s not the same man she fell in love with although it’s a little murky as to why there’d be such a fundamental change in him. As we worried about whether Elena would permanently relocate to Baltimore, Nate wasted no time getting on the horn with Victoria, who is seen in the preview assuring him they’d find him a position at Newman. This should let Devon and Lily know who he was conspiring with… and it ain’t Tucker. Something tells me that Sally had better watch her back, as Victoria previously eyed Nate as her replacement. She’ll want to find a reason to oust the redhead and install her buddy in the CEO position — just you wait and see. What will Nick do then? Or will it be Adam to the rescue?


This brings us to Adam’s bust of a date with Sally, which he tricked her into by pretending the invitation was from Nick… or someone with the initial ‘N’ at any rate. It was going swimmingly until he made one out-of-pocket remark about his brother and she remembered that she couldn’t trust his motives anymore. He really did screw himself with that decision to dump her to protect her job at Newman, as altruistic as it was. Her prediction that he’d realize the gravity of his mistake once it was far too late, again proved to be true. The irony in all of this, of course, is that Adam really has changed. His motives have been genuine, he hasn’t reverted to type, and yet he still can’t get anywhere. This, naturally, is what is making me feel as though I want him to win Sally back… but not until after we’ve had a lot more “Nally” fun!


Noah may be over Audra, but the wound’s still a little raw as evidenced by the ‘tells’ — his reaction to her, asking her to keep her distance etc. He’d be unaffected by her presence if he was truly over it. Beware Allie! Noah’s girlfriend is also saying all the right things — she’s not intimidated by Audra etc. — but there’s no way that dig about Noah and Allie not having the same fire he had with Audra didn’t hit it’s target. Mariah got into the mix by acting all protective of Noah when she heard Audra was in town, so I’m sure she’ll have a go at her before too long. Yep, Audra spells trouble for Noah and Allie, but she’s a threat on another front as well…

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Tucker’s Agenda

If you missed my spec story earlier this week, it explains that there may be more to Tucker and Audra’s connection than meets the eye. Yep, I suspect she’s Devon’s half-sister and that Tucker’s true agenda is to take over controlling interest in Chancellor, which they’ve already established he views as his birthright, and run it with his children. This is why his promise to Devon on Friday’s episode wasn’t a lie — he told him he would never do anything to hurt him or the company. Katherine didn’t leave her company to Tucker or Devon, so McCall will see this as setting things right, and certainly not hurting his son, but helping him. What he’s going to fail to realize is that if this negatively impacts what Devon is trying to do with Lily, it may not be as well-received as he’s anticipating.

In related commentary, I love the way Ashley dealt with both Tucker and Jack this week. More please!

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This is just my opinion. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the show in the comment section!

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