Young & Restless’ Big Noah Reveal Is Going to Look Puny When a Far *More* Shocking Connection Comes to Light

September 26 - 30

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Young & Restless has shown a degree of improvement going into the 50th anniversary that is very encouraging, and it’s definitely made me wonder, “Why haven’t they been writing like this all along?” Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Genoa City…

Tizzy Time

The week kicked off with Victoria and Billy letting Johnny know (against his will as it turned out) that Chelsea is his birth mom. It didn’t go over well, to say the least, and all parties concerned flew into respective tizzies. Maybe if they’d led with “Connor is your brother” it would have had some appeal for the kid… who knows? Whether it’s by Chelsea’s design or not, this still spells trouble for Billy and Lily from my viewpoint. He’s preoccupied while the company is undergoing a huge change, which could cause tension, and he’s concerned about Chelsea’s emotional state. Spoilers have him comforting her next, which as we all well know can lead to more. If nothing else, Billy riding to Chelsea’s rescue will make her more attached to the idea of having him for herself.

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This Sally/Nick/Adam situation is positively fraught… with both tension and possibilities. Adam finally learned the truth this week and the foreshadowing was heavy that he will lash out. Victoria told Nick it’s only a matter of how bad it will be, Chloe warned Sally he wouldn’t take it gracefully, etc. The question for me is will he use his new position of power at Jabot to do it? Or will he surprise everyone and not react? Nah, that wouldn’t be soapy. Sally and Nick will probably try and put on the brakes now that this is out, which will only make their longing and attraction all the more powerful — which is saying something considering that Sally is already describing it as “mind-blowing”. Love the potential for drama here, what with Phyllis, Summer, and Victor yet to find out about Nick and Sally, and the decent possibility that Sally will give in to temptation at some point and sleep with Adam, thereby causing the war between the brothers to escalate. Messy in the best possible way.

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Reveals Upon Reveals

The lead-up to Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal has been romantic (loved the honeymoon surprise) and has provided lots of opportunities for their mothers to interact. At the Abbott house, Phyllis was lurking and watching Diane, who had already been thrown off guard by the arrival of the mystery man from LA. Though it’s yet to be confirmed onscreen, our working theory is that he’s Tucker McCall. Assuming this is true, he’s also on the verge of revealing his return to those gathered at the vow renewal. But, he promised not to blow Diane’s cover or disclose their connection.

That brings us to Nikki, who has a couple of pieces of the puzzle already in her hot little hands. She knows Diane was lying about making a modest living in Los Angeles and has a photo of the Bentley she was driving around in with (presumably) Tucker. She’s connected the car to a company called Private Image Ltd., which is based out of LA and London. How hard will it be to connect the company to McCall? Probably not too hard for Victor Newman.

In her suite, Tucker reminded Diane, “We have a deal,” which begs the question: “What has she agreed to do for him?” Might it have something to do with being his “in” at Jabot? Does he have his eye on the Abbotts’ company? If history is anything to go by, it’s likely. But might he also have his eye on another prize as well?

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Let me veer a little off-track at this point and talk about the newcomer, Audra Charles. From the moment she arrived in town, she’s been flirting with Nate, and she could be destined to become another point of contention between him and Devon, especially with the news that Mishael Morgan is stepping back as Y&R’s Amanda and with Elena having moved out. Regardless, she’s definitely going to be part of a reveal this coming week. She’s Noah’s ex-girlfriend — the one who left him bereft and depressed and emotionally destroyed. When he started alluding to his past lover again as soon as she arrived in town, I knew. They actually had scenes where they were both in Crimson Lights (he was on the patio, she was inside) and I realized we’d look back and see that as a near-miss. The preview has them coming face-to-face at his new nightclub.

What does any of this have to do with Tucker? Well, we know his company is based in London, and that’s where Audra and Noah fell in love — there’s no way that’s a coincidence. Tucker and Audra must be working together, with who knows what sinister goal in mind. Given she’s currently got the run of Chancellor-Winters’ financials, it’s not looking good for that company or for Devon’s personal relationship with his father if he’s going to pull something nefarious. This would also put Tucker at odds with Victoria and Nate, who have a diabolical plan of their own on the go. So, while Noah/Audra is a juicy reveal, the next one that may be coming down the pike would be even more impactful!

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This is just my opinion. Share your theories in the comment section below and be sure to let me know if you’re enjoying the show more lately.

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