Young & Restless Mystery Solved: Is Trevor St. John Playing [Spoiler]? Plus, Adam’s Heartbreak and Diane’s Next Move

September 19 - 23

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Thoughts on this week’s Young & Restless in 3,2,…

Lookin’ Good

Deacon Sharpe crossing over to Young & Restless to meet with Nikki made for some of my favorite scenes of the past five days, not to mention the flashbacks, which were just gold. Deacon was at his entertaining best trying his damndest to charm Nikki, who was having none of it. The two of them fell into their old rhythm seamlessly and I can’t wait to see more. What’s he going to give her at the restaurant? Guesses?

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Don’t Blink…

I was all set for Kyle and Summer to make a shocking discovery this past week, per spoilers, and still don’t know what it was — that their mothers were fighting, perhaps? Not even surprising, let alone shocking. We’d speculated that they might find out their marriage in Italy wasn’t legal, which may not have been a huge deal, but would have been a neat twist in that they’d get to legally wed in front of family and friends. The fact that it’s unclear what shocking discovery they actually made is a perfect illustration of the show lacking oomph.

Pointing Fingers

Speaking of their mothers, Phyllis and Diane have regressed to acting like teenagers, which may be why Kyle and Summer have had to take a parental role with them. It’s not the most appealing route to go, I’d rather see the women being conniving. What does work is the more subtle back and forth between Susan Walters and Michelle Stafford in their scenes. The eye-rolling, the knowing “Sure, Jan” looks when the other is talking… I can’t get enough of it.

As for the incident that got them fired, Soaps’ Charlie Mason thought Phyllis crossed a line in pushing Diane’s buttons to the point where she erupted, but it was Diane who accused Phyllis of planting a file on her computer (a loose end, btw), which arguably kicked off the button pushing. Kyle’s mother may be trying to turn over a new leaf, but she’s still Diane (as evidenced by her showing her “true colors”) and we can’t forget that Phyllis, along with Nikki, perceives her as a significant and imminent threat. I definitely feel this is one of those soap tropes where the person no one will listen to is eventually proven to have been right all along.

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That Was Awkward

As soon as Allie proposed the idea of having Phyllis and Diane come to the party for Kyle and Summer at different times, you knew it was going to backfire. How awkward when Phyllis walked in to see everyone there. As she got emotional, Diane rolled her eyes, and when Phyllis pulled herself together and stood up to make a toast, her nemesis muttered, “Here we go.” Loved it.

The truth is, Phyllis may have been crying over what had become of her beloved hotel. I thought Noah was opening an art-inspired nightclub. I saw exactly one throw pillow that had something that could maybe pass as art on it. Tessa and Mariah’s 70s wedding was kitschy and fun, but designing a bar around the same theme was ill-advised. The good news? It could definitely work as a hookah lounge.
Noah club Y&R

Circling back to Diane, spoilers tell us she’ll make a bold move next week, which will likely involve an attempt to get closer to Jack. She’ll want him onside given there’s some kind of imminent threat coming her way (if her reaction to the latest mysterious text is anything to go by). This brings us to…

Mystery Solved?

I’m guessing that Diane’s mystery texter, who is en route to Genoa City, is Tucker McCall in the form of Trevor St. John. While it doesn’t make sense age-wise for the actor to be in that role, it’s possible the character is being de-aged somewhat to make it work. The clues seem to add up to this conclusion. Diane has a past connection to him, and St. John’s arrival date was just revealed as September 28. In the preview, we see Diane being confronted by someone in her suite. Future spoilers also support the theory of a McCall return: SOD teased in the Fall Preview that Ashley would have a reason to return to GC and stay (they have a romantic history), Victor is supposed to come face-to-face with a former rival (which Tucker is), and Devon brings a familiar face into the fold (his father?).

The last we’d heard about McCall he was living in an ashram, had cast off his material possessions, and Devon was warned that employees were siphoning off profits from his dad’s company. So, did Tucker rebound? Is he the rich dude that Deacon saw Diane riding around with in a Bentley in Los Angeles? We’ll soon find out!

Out of Control

Nate is so off the rails! Nate the doctor was always on the straight and narrow to the point that he was a little too buttoned up and now he’s done a total 180 with little reason. Even though I think he’ll regret striking a bargain with Victoria, this is the most interesting he’s ever been, and Sean Dominic is making the story work in a big way. Viewers noticed that Nate and Imani hugged this week but were left wondering why there was no dramatic beat played. Young & Restless, the land of missed opportunities!

Newcomer Audra Charles finally turned up and was revealed to be the professional tagged by Jill to help with the IPO. I have questions. Who is running Chancellor-Winters? I thought Jill was stepping back into an advisory position but instead she’s steam-rolling this idea of hers through. Too funny. Back to Audra, they have her interacting with Nate, whose relationship with Elena is on the rocks, but Imani is already waiting in the wings… might Audra be for someone else… perhaps Adam?

Put That in Your Pipe…

Speaking of Adam, he’s determined to get to the truth about whether or not Sally and Nick are sleeping together, and I can’t really blame him. It may have come about through his mistake but, yeah, you’d still want to know. After Sally denied the hook up and doubled down by telling him he was horrible for even thinking it, watch for Adam to confront Nick for a second time this week. I can absolutely imagine Nick telling Adam they’re having sex. Some part of him will want him to know. Adam can then throw that on his stack of betrayals by family members and we’ll see where he goes from there. Back to the dark side? It’s a definite possibility. With all of that said, this triangle really works as there is pull on both sides.

Bad Feeling

Well, Chelsea got her wish this week when her badgering finally paid off and Victoria agreed to tell Johnny the truth. I don’t feel the emotional investment in this that I probably should… maybe because we rarely see the kids or Victoria being a mom? Anywho, I certainly got the feeling that something is going to go awry. Anyone else?

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