Young & Restless: Sally’s Big Lie Could Come Back to Bite Her — Plus, What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Is Nate *Thinking*?!?

September 12 - 16

Sally Nate Y&R

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Young & Restless certainly took a turn toward the more dramatic this week. The new developments felt a little “out of the blue” for some, but we’re not going to complain about the show being soapier.

Genius at Work?

Hmm… I think Summer’s onto something with her theory that Diane may have planted the Marchetti Home file on her computer to frame Phyllis, who would in no way, shape, or form be that obvious with her machinations. However, there may be more to the story as we have a spoiler coming up that indicates Phyllis falls into a trap. Perhaps Adam planted the file to help his only pal at the firm. If so, it’s kind of ingenious on his part, as the whole mess will also cause trouble for Kyle, who was so unwelcoming to Adam at the park. It will leave him and Summer at odds — each suspecting the other’s mother of wrongdoing — right as he’s planning their wedding do-over.

Drama at the nuptials? We can only hope.

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Working the Ex

I loved the bit of romance we were treated to between Victor and Nikki this week, but it was hard to buy him being so laid-back about her traveling alone to meet with Deacon Sharpe! Nonetheless, that’s exactly what’s going to happen and it’s going to be good. As viewers of Bold & Beautiful will know, Deacon is currently on probation and harboring a fugitive — none other than Sheila Carter — and is in no position to do anything but cooperate with La Newman. He sure won’t want her bringing the heat onto him for his actions surrounding Diane’s so-called death, so if he knows anything about her time in Los Angeles or has the means of digging up such dirt, he’ll cooperate.

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It Worked

Jack and Victor are a bit too much on the same page for me these days given how much I loved them as bitter rivals, but the conversation they ended up having about Adam made for some amazing scenes because it was heartfelt… and was spiced up with a typical Victor warning. Might he be proven right? Will Jack realize hiring Adam was a mistake? It’s entirely possible and it felt like foreshadowing.

Working an Angle

Nate thinks he’s being ruthless, but I can think of a few other words to describe what he’s doing — and one of them is “dramatic”, which is much appreciated. If you’ve not been paying attention, you were probably left thinking, “What is going on here?!?” Where to begin? Not only is Nate being a hothead but he’s being a traitor to his own family. Granted, he feels justified because in his view they’ve sabotaged his efforts and shot him down at every turn.

Ironically, Nate has accused Devon of being egotistical, and yet, we learned on Friday that he thinks he can run Chancellor-Winters! Victoria was stunned by Nate’s offer to feed her inside information, but intrigued. One has to question why she would want someone willing to throw his family under the bus and with no relevant experience heading up a mega-conglomerate like CW, but she’s unlikely to pass up this opportunity. On the heels of her chat with Lily in Crimson Lights the other day, this is extra backstab-y. I like it!

Back to Nate, if this plan doesn’t work out and it gets out what he tried to do, he’s not going to have many prospects for the future and he’ll have fully alienated his family. Elena might leave him too. Big risk!

Work It, Girl

Wow, Sally hit the sofa with Nick and went back for more even after Adam declared his love and intent to win her back! If there’s any doubt as to why, just take a look at this photo after their session in the hotel.
Sally Nick Y&R

Of course, they’d only just collected themselves when, right on cue, Adam showed up at the door. Sally whipped it open, thinking it was room service, and her ex was nearly knocked out of his shoes at the sight of his brother in the suite behind her. Such a delicious moment/cliffhanger.

The preview for next week shows Adam asking Sally straight out if she is sleeping with his brother. I mean, she can honestly say “no” — there was no “sleeping” involved! The question, of course, is whether or not she’ll come clean. I suspect not, if for no other reason than she’ll want to try to protect Nick and Adam’s fragile relationship. Of course, the secret will come out eventually, perhaps even after she’s reunited with Adam, and as everyone except these soap characters have learned… the cover-up is always worse than the crime. If she lies, it will come back to bite her. But that’s not the only fallout we’ll see if this goes public. Plenty of others will react to Nick and Sally’s affair as well!

Anyway, Sally’s scenes with both men were excellent this week and I love the messiness. One thing I didn’t appreciate so much was the plot point of a woman forgetting a huge work meeting because she couldn’t handle her emotions over a break-up.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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