Young & Restless: Adam’s Latest Move Reignites an Old Rivalry — Plus, Who Is Diane’s Accomplice?

September 5- 9

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Young & Restless had a lot going on at times this week. After one episode I recall thinking, “Wow, there was something for everyone in there.” Why then, is it still so often boring? I blame the mundane talk. Hopefully, things are looking more dramatic as we move forward into the soap opera’s incredible 50th year!

As the Tide Turns

After a mercurial week that included an argument with Adam, an ugly cry, and a drunken ride home from her “superhero guru” Chance (I was waiting for her to try and kiss him), Chelsea got a win when Billy invited her to come and spend time with Johnny at the pool. I got a kick out of the quizzical expression on the kid’s face when Chelsea asked in a motherly way if he was wearing enough sunscreen. Yeah, this could blow up nicely.

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The Edge of Drama

Nate and Devon’s issues are escalating, and Elena confronted Imani in some scenes that I’ve seen described as “spicy” (I concur). Neither of these beefs have a resolution in sight, Jack’s conversation with Billy foreshadowed the COO’s eventual spiral out of corporate life, and Jill dropped in to stir the pot, which resulted in Nate storming out! Honestly, it’s a bit of a fiasco at Chancellor-Winters right now, which is kinda fun. That said, there’s still too much droning on about business. We truly don’t want to hear so much about projections and podcasts!

Illicit Passions

The news is out that Sally and Nick will have sex (the preview with Adam about to turn the door handle as they tryst on the office sofa was the height of tension), and I love the soapiness. That said, I question there not being more build-up to this between Sally and Nick. Otherwise, I get the timing. Friday’s scenes had Sally thisclose to kissing Adam at the rooftop bar, so boinking Nick will obviously be a kneejerk reaction to her warring emotions. As for Nick, it twists the knife all the more for viewers that he will do this to his brother right at the very point in time that he claims to finally understand and empathize with him. Could it be a dream? Yes, of course. If not, there’s a good chance that Nick’s guilt will go into overdrive, which could lead him to do any number of things. Will he turn to Sharon? Will he and Sally be caught out or try to cover it up? If so, will Sally get back with Adam, who will find out at a later date? Regardless of how Adam discovers their hook-up (and you know he will), it’s going to be a betrayal that could absolutely spin him back to the dark side.

Clash of the Titans

Speaking of Adam, his move to Jabot, unsurprisingly, caused some issues. Though he butted heads with Kyle and vowed to prove himself, it was Jack and Billy that really got into it over the new hire. This left some fans tired:

But those won’t be the only clashes over Adam working at Jabot. Victor’s reaction (in terrific scenes between Eric Braeden and Mark Grossman) was as expected — he views it as a betrayal. There was little doubt this would reignite the rivalry between Jack and Victor, and Young & Restless spoilers confirm it.

The Old and the Restless?

While the old guard is set for some juicy material as the iconic soap kicks off its 50th year, the younger set (what there was of them) have been sent off to college. Fans were left fuming over Faith and Moses’ bungled exits, so it’s a good thing that sources later assured the characters would be recurring. That said, the soap should be developing its younger generation and allowing us to get to know them on a deeper level with dramatic stories so that we’re invested in them moving into the future. After all, it was during the turbulent teen years that we got to know the likes of Billy Abbott and Christine Blair.

The Tessa Whisperer

Thanks to Tessa and Mariah, Christine may just be getting a story acting as their adoption lawyer, which would give her a reason to be onscreen again. Sharon, of course, will also be involved, which is great, but it’s still a crime she’s not heading up a story of her own. Circling back to current events, Tessa’s nervousness modeling in the park was puzzling to me as she’d have done scads of publicity shoots as a touring musician — it seemed like another opportunity for Mariah to be the “Tessa whisperer”, which is becoming a recurring theme.

L.A. Confidential

Shout-out to Susan Walters who is doing an incredible job of making us feel sympathy for Diane — she almost has viewers believing that Nikki and Phyllis are being totally unreasonable. The big question right now is “who killed the series of stories on Diane and sent her the cryptic text?” I’ve seen fan speculation that it’s Tucker McCall, who has history with not only Diane but also Ashley. It’s entirely possible, as he’s a person who would actually have the power to pressure an editor — and he could be one of the characters returning for the 50th anniversary year — but guesses that he’d be played by the incoming Trevor St. John seem unlikely as that actor isn’t the right age.

I’ve seen it bandied about that Deacon might have been the mystery texter who helped Diane out, but that doesn’t make sense — how would the down-on-his-luck ex-con have the pull to stop a journalist of Talia Morgan’s ilk?

Another possibility — and my favorite — is that it’s Ashland, who is still alive after Diane helped him fake his death. A stretch, I realize, but then again is it really that far out considering that they brought back Diane?!? This theory fits with her reply too, which was to let the person know that things are still precarious there and that they shouldn’t contact her.

In related commentary, the reveal that Nikki is going to pay Deacon a visit in L.A. in a B&B/Y&R crossover is delish. She told Phyllis that she’s going “next week” but this won’t actually happen until later in Sepetember. Anticipation!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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