Young & Restless: Adam Demolishes Chance’s Master Plan?!? Plus, Diane’s L.A. Secret

August 15 - 19

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Young & Restless is ramping up with some new plots, but how invested viewers are in whether Adam retakes the Newman CEO seat, Johnny learns Connor’s his brother, or Jack falls for Diane again, remains to be seen. High stakes, big scandals, immersive romance… all are needed, and all are virtually non-existent. Thoughts on the week:


At first, I was in disbelief when Chance announced he was dropping the investigation into Ashland’s death, assuming yet another plot was about to fizzle… until I realized that it was obviously part of a strategy. Reading Nick’s guilt, Chance was banking on the moral Newman doing the dirty work for him by turning himself in. That way, the truth will come out, but it won’t be Chance’s fault. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong. The wild card here is Adam, who has become obsessed with finding out what went on the night Ashland died. This can only mean he has a plan. Would Adam blackmail Victor into giving him back the CEO chair at Newman? I’m not sure why he’d want it back at this point, but that’s the best guess. Anyway, the preview suggests Adam indeed gets his hands on the evidence, and it’s likely Kevin’s fault, if his furious hammering on the suite door is anything to go by.

This development would certainly throw a curveball into the works. Chance was quite angry with Adam that day he pounded his fist on the table at Society, so I can only imagine what his reaction would be to the black sheep derailing his plan to get Nick to confess!

The Storms Before the Storm

Wow, Nate and Devon are really going at it these days! I’m going to come in with the unpopular view here and take Devon’s side for the most part. When he told Nate he has to follow rules and Nate sneered, “Yours,” and Devon replied, “Yes, mine. You’re my COO, how do you not understand that?” it resonated. Nate’s next line was to bring up the punch, which demonstrates there is residual inter-personal tension coming into play. It may not all be coming from Nate, but unfortunately, he’s the one who is in the lesser position at Chancellor-Winters. If his CEO wants “total control” he has to accept that or quit.

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In related, Lily’s idea to trick Devon was bound to make everything worse, and did just that. Sitting them down together to mediate might have been a better idea, just saying. She then went on to have it out with Billy, who missed a big meeting in favor of podcasting with Chelsea.

I’m of the opinion that the tension is all a pre-cursor to a bigger scandal erupting. Find out who I think is going to cheat here.

Dollars to Donuts

Diane’s living her best life — at least in her daydreams — but the forces conspiring to get her out of town are still working hard behind the scenes. The latest twist is Nikki bringing in the reporter who is keen to get the dirt on Diane for a story. She and Phyllis already messed up by meeting with the journalist at the rooftop bar. If an exposé goes up about Diane authored by this woman, Kyle and Summer will know exactly who to blame!

Anyway… Phyllis may find a way to sabotage Diane at work, but I’ve a strong hunch that will backfire on her. Diane’s actual downfall could come from whatever secret she’s harboring from her Taylor Jensen days in L.A. Nikki seems to be of the mind that there’s nothing there to find now that her people have come up empty, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts there is, and that it will come out after Phyllis’ scheme has already bombed and Diane’s become even more firmly entrenched in the Abbott family. Could it have to do with Allie? That’s speculation for another day…

Trouble Brewing

Chelsea’s big move this week was to push for Johnny to be told that she’s his biological mother and Conner’s his brother. While she makes some valid points, we barely see these kids, so why should we care?

The bigger story here is Chelsea manipulating Billy. It seems fairly obvious she’s targeted him as a replacement for Rey and that’s where the big drama should come in. I like a good scandal, but Billy messing up his life is something we’ve seen time and again. The angle this time may be that it’s not his fault, but everyone will assume it is based on his past. I dunno… something really juicy is going to have to happen for me to buy in.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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