Is Ashland Leaving Young & Restless?! Plus, What’s Next For Adam

June 27 - July 1

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Another week, another installment of Young & Restless’ weird obsession with jobs. Tessa faces the prospect of losing her career, Nick wants back in at Newman Enterprises, Elena is joining Chancellor-Winters, Kyle hired Diane, and Chelsea and Chloe are “breaking up” so they can take on new positions.

Crisis Mode

Tessa got some of the most upsetting news a singer could get from the doctor when she learned she had nodes on her vocal cords and may need surgery. Her fear that she may never tour again sent her and Mariah into the first tailspin of their marriage. Given that this regime mainly writes about job swaps, might Tessa be forced to hit ‘pause’ on her singing career and perhaps take on a job in Devon’s streaming division? The trouble here is that whether singing or producing, Tessa and her wife (and so many others) still need an actual story.

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Amanda’s emotion over her mother’s condition affects me — I mean, of course it does, Mishael Morgan is a Daytime Emmy award winning actress! — but it’s also an odd choice to tell this story when Naya is not, and has not been, on the canvas. How are we to feel invested? If nothing else, it’s a chance to show Imani’s vulnerable side, which is necessary right now when she’s going after a man with a live-in love. In other musical jobs news, Elena has positioned herself well to fight for Nate after deciding to cut back on clinic hours to do — what else? — a podcast for Chancellor-Winters.

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Break Up

Chelsea and Chloe continued to clash this week, and they’ve all but parted ways as business partners. I love the idea of Chloe being Sally’s COO, and feel that Chelsea will take on more than she can handle and end up having a breakdown. All that remains to be seen is which man will be there to pick up the pieces — Adam, Billy, Nick, or Kyle?! This week, it’s looking like Billy. Loved the scene where she told him she hated his podcast! Too funny.

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Round and Round We Go…

Victoria pulled off a huge “screw you” to Ashland as predicted. It was a great twist, though the reveal lacked the big energy it might have had. In any case, it left me wondering where we go from here. Is this the end of their story? Will the Locke Ness Monster limp off the canvas after having been fleeced and humiliated? Young & Restless spoilers have Ashland covering his tracks next week, so we haven’t seen the last of him yet. Will he be able to start back at square one to win back Victoria’s love… or will he merely be hell bent on revenge on the Newmans? Will we finally get to see the fabled Locke Ness Monster baddie we’ve heard so much tease about since the character first appeared?!

With Victoria returning, where does that leave Adam? I suppose that’s all down to what Victor decrees… and whether Adam is willing to go along with it or walks away. Might a spurned one-too-many times Adam turn dark and team up with Ashland? It seems like they’re angling toward Adam, Victoria and Nick running the family company together.

Nick mulling over a return to Newman Enterprises, by the way, doesn’t feel in-character to me in the slightest after how well-established his disinterest has been. Once again we have a job change in lieu of a story. If Adam and Sally weren’t a thing, it could at least work as a set-up for Nick/Sharon/Adam down the line.

Turn the Table Time

As Diane works to put down roots in Genoa City — and wind them tightly around the Abbott family — Phyllis has been left agog at her nemesis’ ability to finesse her way into the lives of her loved ones as her warnings about the woman fall on deaf ears. Jack made it clear in rather harsh fashion what he thought of Red’s attempts to put things right after her gaffe, and I think it’s past time for Phyllis to turn the tables on Jack, who has a track record of being judgmental and unsupportive where she’s concerned.

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