We’re Loving Young & Restless’ Heightened Emotion — but *This* Scene Left Us Hollering: ‘Make it Make Sense!’

June 6 - 10

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Young & Restless clearly got the memo that the show needed more drama, and it appears that as a result, they decided to up the number of confrontations, heighten the emotions and turn up the volume. Everyone’s hot under the collar! I’ve no complaint; the intensity of these scenes is much-appreciated and the actors look like they’re enjoying it. That said, it’s been hard not to holler at the screen myself while watching because some of the material just doesn’t make any sense.

Wolf at the Door

Phyllis was stunned when Jack put the final nail in the coffin of their on-again relationship, which led to her taking off to visit Daniel (yay a Daniel mention!), thus leaving the door open for Diane. It didn’t seem in character for Red to tuck tail and run, especially with the proverbial wolf at the door, and as one might expect, Diane moved in on Jackie Boy as soon as the opportunity presented itself. When she almost muffed it up with a Phyllis/pool reference, she turned on the waterworks and salvaged the moment. She’s playing Jack like a fiddle and I fully expect her to make more inroads there, which should build us to another Diane vs. Phyllis situation in short order.

Love Is In the Air

Noah and Allie’s scenes in the park were cute, but they’re well on their way to being the next Faith and Moses, who are sweet together but boring as all get out because they have no hurdles to give them rooting value, and no conflict or story to keep them interesting. I repeatedly find myself wondering why they even brought Noah back considering what they’ve done with the character. Hopefully there’s something soapy coming for him and Allie down the road.


I genuinely enjoyed watching all of the emotional scenes surrounding Victoria cutting ties with her family, including Victor’s showdown in the hotel room with Ashland. You could just tell Eric Braeden was relishing the scene, which made it that much better. That said, too often I was on the verge of hollering… about stuff that didn’t make sense. Why are the Newmans treating Victoria like a teenager who’s running away from home with her older boyfriend?! Why did so much of the dialogue center on Victoria finally realizing that her family is trying to control her when she’s cut ties with them before? And the kicker — how does it make any sense that Victor’s big, clever scheme to lure Victoria back is putting Adam in as CEO of Newman Enterprises?! I mean, what else would she have been expecting when she resigned?! How is this going to come as some big earth-shattering shock to her?! Either way, it’s exasperating that so many of Young & Restless’ “stories” continue to revolve around who is going to run which company or work where.

In related, Sally and Adam’s delighted response to the turn of events with Victoria and Newman Enterprises was entertaining. Adam expressing admiration for his sister and calling her standing up to their father, “badass”, made me want to see those two more on the same page in the future to change things up.

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Speaking of work, I thought Lily was going to be down a boyfriend and a COO when she and Billy threw down over Victoria. I noticed some debate among fans as to whether or not Billy was in the right to want to keep his kids away from Ashland, but aren’t they at boarding school anyway? Regardless, Lily’s stance seemed bang on to me. After quick and careful consideration, Billy got with the program forthwith and even got her a ring for good measure. Gotta love it, haha.
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In related, it appears the “big drama” at the Chancellor-Winters launch will be Nate going rogue. We know his cousins nixed his idea of going into specifics, and he confided in Imani about his frustration (love Imani pot-stirring, btw!). So, it’s not too hard to guess that he’ll take the podium and, with Imani undoubtedly egging him on, spill the beans that Devon and Lily wanted to keep hush-hush. Yep, the world is going to know they’ve got more podcasts planned. What a shake-up.

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I suspected it might be Chance that Chelsea set her sights on after Rey’s death, but the foreshadowing is now making it look to be someone else. With Kyle coming to Chelsea’s “rescue” in the park (please) and it looking as though she will be working with him and Summer, the writing is on the wall.

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In related, the Summer and Sally run-in would have been more intriguing if Sally was still in fashion and her nemesis bringing Marchetti to town actually impacted her.

Coming up in the next episode of Musical Jobs, er, Young & Restless, Summer thinks it’s a no-brainer for Kyle to go from being the co-CEO of his own family’s company, Jabot, to heading up a fledgling Italian fashion house run out of Wisconsin. Only on a soap.

I’ll leave you with a funny:

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