Young & Restless’ Romantic ‘Teriah’ Wedding Checked All the Boxes But ‘Drama’ — Plus, Abby and Chance Shake-Up Ahead

May 16 - 20

Abby, Chance, Mariah, Tessa, Summer, Kyle Y&R

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Young & Restless had a lot going on this week, so let’s get right to dishing…

Just Married!

I loved that Mariah and Tessa got multiple episodes for their well-deserved splashy wedding full of dancing, fun and romance. Given it was such a ‘love-in’ it really was befitting the theme’s era, and care was taken to play all the beats, from the night before the nuptials to the opening of the gifts afterward. The 70s dresses and suits were fab! If you missed it, check out ‘Teriah’s’ groovy wedding album here.

A gathering on this scale perfectly sets the scene for soap drama, but in this case there really wasn’t anything more than tension. Tessa’s crisis — as predicted — was her dress showing up at the last minute, Diane “crashed” the event, but her presence was more irksome than anything else, and Summer and Mariah exchanged the politest of barbs. This was all entertaining, but I was truly hoping for something “next-level” to happen — like someone shocking from Tessa’s past showing up — why else have her and Crystal repeatedly bring up their childhood?!

One of the scenes that unexpectedly caught my attention during the wedding was that Sharon and Chance moment where he checked in with her after noticing she’d been standing alone much of the time. Find out how I felt about it and why I felt guilty here.

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Light My Fire

I so want Young & Restless to light a fire under ol’ sad sack Noah… but I’m far from convinced that a romance with Allie is going to do the trick. She seems an absolute sweetheart, but the writers are swerving dangerously close to making the same mistake they made with the Lola character when they had her take herself too seriously. It gives “wet blanket” vibes and it’s not compelling. Noah and Crystal were way more fun to watch interacting at the wedding. I’d like to see them pursue that.

In related commentary, I really enjoyed Allie’s scenes with Ashley discussing their shared interest in chemistry. Will Allie work at the Jabot lab? Will we get the Jabot sets back?

Big Shoes

I love it when a recast can just jump in and pick up where their predecessor left off seamlessly. Not only did Allison Lanier accomplish this as Summer, but she had big shoes to fill following Hunter King, so kudos to her. It was exciting to see them writing “NuSummer” with some sass, and she certainly has chemistry with Kyle — as proven in the sexy love scene they wasted no time getting to after her arrival. In related, the explanation for them moving back to Genoa City was plausible (here’s hoping they won’t be running Jabot/Marchetti out of the Abbott parlor), and I’m intrigued by the idea of Summer siding with Phyllis against her husband’s mother, which will undoubtedly cause drama.

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Phack Attack

Welp, Phyllis took the plunge and took Jack to bed, which wasn’t surprising given it’s been coming for a while, but as more than one character and quite a few fans pointed out — how about that timing?!

We’re undoubtedly headed for a repeat of the Phyllis/Jack/Diane love triangle, and if you were around for it in the past you know how absolutely nuts it could get. Let’s hope these writers go there!

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Can’t Fight This Feeling

Victoria and Ashland are playing their angst so well I can’t help but want them to end up back together. And when Kyle and Summer told Ashland he could no longer see Harrison, despite this being perfectly reasonable given the circumstances, I found myself thinking, “Aw, so mean,” and kinda hoping Victoria would advocate on his behalf. Yep, the writers are playing my emotions. Anyone else?

Shake It Up

Young & Restless spoilers tell us Chance is going to be in his feelings about Abby and Devon’s closeness, which signals a shake-up for the couple ahead. Not that I want that pairing, but I’m all in for conflict. Chance and Abby have struggled to bond as a family since his return from Spain, and from my perspective, Chance has recently been chem-tested with both Chelsea and Sharon. Bring it on!

She (Got) a Hit

How fun to get a little storyline for Esther, who wants her next chapter in life to be finding love at long last. Those flashbacks! Her joy at getting a match on the dating app! Loved it.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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