Young & Restless Bungles Again: Missed Opportunity Disappoints Fans — Plus, Can Dirty Diane Please Come Out to Play?

May 2 - 6

Nikki, Adam, Diane, Tessa Y&R

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The emotional drama is sustaining us, but aside from the angst between Kyle and Diane and the lingering sadness of Rey’s death, there’s little else to write home about as Young & Restless has come off of a fabulous series of episodes that almost felt like sweeps weeks with a disappointing return to the doldrums: too much talk and not enough action, and just straight up boring material.

Don’t Make Diane a Dull Girl

Kyle and Diane are giving good angst in their shared scenes, but there’s something missing from the storyline. Young & Restless teased the return of the “original bad girl” or something along that line, but they haven’t showed even a hint of a scheme or of Diane dropping her façade of good behavior. Here’s hoping her true agenda soon comes to light, because a few cryptic texts and sneaking out of the hotel room isn’t it. The confrontation between her and Nikki served up some drama, and her encounter with Victor was kinda chilling, but there has to be more to the story than people reacting to Diane being alive. Great expectations here.

P.S. What’s going on with the writing for Ashley? She was so over the top and brash in those family meeting scenes ahead of the Diane ambush… as a confident exec, she always voices her opinion but usually does so with more, erm, tact. She showed no sensitivity toward Kyle. Not that it wasn’t fun hearing her greet Diane with “Welcome back, bitch.” It totally was.

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At Loose Ends

While I can appreciate the attention being spent on properly grieving Rey, I’m not feeling especially charged up for the aftermath of his death. It seems a forgone conclusion that Sharon and Nick will drift back together and become a family again. I’ve enjoyed the “Shick” pairing in the past, but the high level of predictability here seems like a negative for a soap that’s all too often accused of being boring.

Chelsea’s focus has been on her growing feelings for Rey for a while now. Consequently, she’s been left as a character on the canvas without much to do now that he’s gone. She half-heartedly made an attempt with Adam, but he and Sally are just too solid right now for a love triangle to believably develop. It’s more likely she’ll be used as an antagonist for Abby and Chance.

Wedding Jitters

It was an interesting development to have Tessa announce that her sister Crystal would be her maid of honor at the wedding (and that Rey was behind her charges being dropped). I have to wonder if she’ll actually show up, and if so, what kind of trouble or baggage from the past she’ll be bringing with her. Young & Restless spoilers tease that Tessa’s past will catch up with her on her wedding day to Mariah, which could mean that Crystal won’t show up alone. Presumably, the wedding will go off with the intended “hitch” as it’s being touted as a beautiful affair. I’m looking forward to it — especially the 70s theme!

The Bungle

Usually I appreciate a good twist, but Nikki being made co-CEO only irked me. Throwing Adam and Victoria together as co-CEOs could have been a catalyst for not only conflict, but also the much-needed evolution of that sibling relationship, which is already feeling played out. Many fans were disappointed that wasn’t the move:

Unless something changes, we appear to be in for another round of Adam fighting his family. I think Victor accepted Nikki’s promotion so readily because he knew exactly what Adam’s reaction would be. Take that for what you will.

Anyway, I’m frustrated that every other plot seems to revolve around musical jobs within corporations that don’t actually have anything going on. What does it matter if Adam’s running Newman or if Nate’s a doctor or an executive if they’re not going to tell an actual story around it? Why are we supposed to be invested?!

What do you think of Adam telling Sally he wants all of Newman Enterprises? Sound off in the comments.

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