Young & Restless’ Sharon Had Us Bawling as the Show Finally Served Up Some Big Emotional Drama — and Teases More Shake-Ups to Come

April 18 - 22

Sharon, Victoria, Kyle, Sally Y&R

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Well, something definitely changed behind-the-scenes at Young & Restless because the soap that’s spent the better part of two years running in the opposite direction from the mere suggestion of drama finally delivered some in a big way. And it wasn’t just the car wreck…

Duped and Dumped

Victoria can be a polarizing character, but one would have been hard-pressed not to feel something for her this past week. Hiding her inner heartbreak as best she could, she drew on the feelings she couldn’t help but still have for the husband who crushed her in order to dupe him into believing she’d run away with him. After he’d signed away his rights to the company, she finally got to unleash the pent-up anger, but she was clearly ravaged emotionally. Ashland, although guilty of a diabolical and heinous lie, somehow had viewers feeling for him too as it became clear he had, in fact, played himself by falling in love with Victoria. It hasn’t always made sense (rejigs?), and it did drag on a bit, but right down to Ashland pulling Victoria from the burning car (a scene that boasted some impressive effects), this love story has played soapy beat after soapy beat and has arguably been this regime’s best long-running plot. It appears Ashland’s not going anywhere yet, so here’s hoping they have some tricks up their sleeve to keep this fresh and interesting.

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At first, I questioned the decision to reveal Jordi Vilasuso’s exit ahead of Rey leaving, but it actually added some tension to scenes in the lead-up, knowing that something was going to happen with the character. Anticipation certainly has it’s role in daytime stories. Consequently, when it came time for Rey to go to the hockey game with Chelsea and Connor and we found out he had forgotten the tickets back at the ranch… we knew what was coming. It wasn’t long before Sharon knew that something was terribly wrong as well, which infused those “waiting around” scenes with an ominous feel. I can’t say enough about the way they rolled out the reveal. They paced it just right, cutting from the accident scene to Society to the coffee house, until the moment arrived that we were all waiting for/dreading as Nick broke the news to Sharon that Rey was dead. Can we just give Sharon Case her Emmy now? She made that scene so realistic that many were sobbing right along with her. I was certainly sobbing along with her. Bravo.

With all of that said, we’re clearly not going to be spending a lot of time on grieving poor Rey. The funeral is almost certainly going to be in Miami (aka offscreen), Mariah and Tessa’s wedding plans will continue regardless of his death, and they’ve already established Sharon’s determination to be “strong for Rey,” which is probably soap speak for moving on fairly quickly.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Here’s hoping that the writers continue to embrace drama, with more emphasis on showing rather than telling, as we move into the Diane reveals and her story plays out. Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Jack will be dropping bombshells left, right and center as he breaks the news to both Nikki and Kyle that Diane is alive.

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Teasers also hint that Sally will share some sort of secret with Adam — which hopefully is something intriguing rather than inconsequential. Friday’s episode left me wondering if Connor will act out in the aftermath of Rey’s death, drawing Adam back to Chelsea.

Finally, in a move that many have been hoping to see, Imani returns and will be getting her flirt on with Nate, which is a decent sign of a shake-up to come.

What worries me, looking at the cast, is that the future is shaping up to consist of a plethora of reunited and/or established couples on the canvas with few singles to complicate things. Happy couples = boring soap.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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