Young & Restless’ Twists Keep Coming for ‘Ashtoria’ — Plus, Rey’s Plans Are Giving Us the Heebie Jeebies

April 11 - 15

Victoria, Ashland, Rey, Sally Y&R

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Young & Restless has picked up the pace and offered more dramatic twists and turns, however some characters seem to be missing in action and the continued focus on talk over action means it remains daytime’s answer to insomnia.

Slow Roll

Diane’s return is chock full of possibilities, but slow to roll out. Young & Restless has a huge issue with too much talk and not enough action and that’s definitely the case here. Aside from the ‘reveals’ that she’s alive it’s become a bit of a snooze. Anticipation can’t be the only thing a story has going for it. Hopefully once Kyle’s in the loop we’ll get to see the full measure of what the back-from-the-dead plot has in store for us and it will be every bit as dramatic as it should be.

Bad Feeling

Wow, this trip to Chicago has bad news written all over it. The announcement of Jordi Vilasuso’s exit as Rey set an ominous tone for any plot he’s involved in; knowing an abrupt departure is looming… well it doesn’t bode well for the character or his plans with Chelsea and Connor. My guess is that what will go down will leave Sharon reliving a nightmare. Read my theory on Rey’s fate here (which may be tied to the Victoria teaser mentioned below!) and see if you have the same hunch.

Twists and Dangerous Turns

There is a lot of drama centered on Victoria and Ashland right now, which makes it feel like we’re approaching the end, where Ashland is run out of town… but I have a hunch that may not happen. Despite the heavy focus on Victoria’s love life, and the last-minute recast of her husband Ashland, the story has kept viewers engaged. It’s working because Victor and Adam have a worthy adversary, there are high stakes involved and all the Newmans have been pulled in. Having the big bad in town has kept us on the edge of our seats to find out what twist is coming next — and there have been so many that we’ve even questioned if Victor or Ashland is telling the truth!

It’s not a stretch to think Young & Restless will find a way to keep Ashland in Genoa City. It’s easy to see that Victoria’s duping him by telling him she’ll run off with him so he’ll sign Adam’s deal, but it’s equally clear she still loves him. Which provides all the opening the writers need. We see Victoria swerving off the road in the promo for next week, which further opens the door. Will Ashland stop short of signing the paperwork when he hears there’s been an incident? Will he sign the deal but insist on staying in town to make sure Victoria’s okay and work to get her to fall back in love with him? It’s been one twist after another, so it’s a good bet there will more ahead.

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Silly Billy, Lily and Sally

You all know I can’t with this podcast business, but I did get a laugh-out-loud moment from it this week when Billy was trying out different voices and made himself sound like a munchkin from The Wizard of Oz.

It was fun to have Sally interact with someone new — Lily — on her travels around town. I’m still getting used to the idea of Lily as some kind of big wheel to be honest. Interestingly, she warned Sally about tying herself to Adam just as I’d begun feeling irritated by her constantly being attached at the hip with him and jumping to his defense. As Young & Restless fan Shiwana Rucker wondered on Facebook, why was Sally even there when Victor was reaming Adam out for offering Ashland a deal behind his back?!? I enjoy the pairing, but give her more to do besides be a man’s cheerleader.

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Granted most of us weren’t feeling (okay, hated) the year-long drama involving the conception and birth of Dominic and everything that happened after the fact, but this group has not just been back-burnered; they’ve all but disappeared. Victoria and the Newmans are going through it, the Abbotts have just been informed that Diane Jenkins is alive — and Abby’s out of the loop on absolutely all of it! It’s like they forgot she exists. Devon, Nate, Elena, Imani and Amanda don’t even have stories at this point, and did Chance ever return to work? Mariah and Tessa are getting some screen time thanks to their upcoming wedding, but even so, fans have been irritated by Noah making all the decisions. What’s going on?

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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