Is It the End for Young & Restless’ Ashland… or Will Adam Get Burned? Plus, the Diane vs. Phyllis Bungle and *Please* Kill the Man Pain With Fire

April 11 - 15

Ashland, Adam, Phyllis, Chance Y&R

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Young & Restless has been a heck of a lot more watchable what with Diane’s return from the dead and the plotting against Ashland, but Genoa City has a pervasive man pain situation that needs to be addressed.

Role Reversal?

I’m enjoying Diane’s return, but it would have been fierier if they’d let Phyllis be the dissenting voice trying to persuade Jack not to tell Kyle about his mother’s return. It was out-of-character for Jack to want to pretend she didn’t exist and for Phyllis to be the voice of reason. More importantly, it would have created a much more dramatic scene between the two women and set up their rivalry going forward. Why is everything so watered down on this soap? Jack’s mojo has been so diluted by excessive man pain I’m not even excited about the prospect of watching two women duke it out over him. At least we saw a glimpse of the old Jack when he got mad at Diane. Speaking of being mad at Diane — why on earth would Allie go back to see this woman to get her take on the Abbott family?!? Just bizarre.

In related, I love me some Abbott fam, but the scenes with Ashley crabbing about Allie, who she’s never even met, felt tedious by the end. Arguably, my favorite part of Diane’s return has been the flashbacks. So fun to see the days when the show had real life to it and the rivalries had bite. Characters were actually allowed to hate each other and be vicious about it!

Looking ahead, I’m hopeful that Kyle’s reaction to his mother being alive will make for some sudsy soap viewing.

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Running Rampant

As the man pain chronicles continued on Young & Restless, this week we had Chance and Rey pouring their hearts out to each other about feeling disconnected from their parental roles. Honestly, if they’re messed up let them act out so we get some drama out of it. Show us, don’t tell us. Meanwhile, Billy took to his voice recorder to drone on about his inner conflicts some more — at least Lily didn’t coddle him and gave it to him straight about his situation with Victoria.

It’s tough to think of a male on the show that hasn’t caught the blight of the man pain and been compromised by it. Poor Noah’s been completely hobbled by it, Adam’s become a softie, even Ashland, a sinister villain, sops around bleating about his love for Victoria. Please make it stop.

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Playing the Game

The intrigue surrounding Ashland Locke and the Newmans remains the most compelling story on Young & Restless, which makes me worry about what will happen when they can’t drag this out any longer and it’s time for the big bad to go bye-bye. With Victoria setting her husband up to frame Adam, it seems like it’s the beginning of the end for the Locke Ness Monster, but there are some interesting variables involved. Locke is cunning and diabolical, Adam’s a wild card (will he listen to Nick and be a team player or not?) and so is Victoria. Might she actually let Adam take the fall even after promising not to, knowing he’s angling to keep the CEO seat? And will Adam play right into her hands by making Ashland a cash offer to leave, thereby making himself look like he has something to hide that Locke’s on the verge of discovering?

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