How Young & Restless’ Adam Could Upend Victor’s Plans *and* Undermine Victoria — Plus, Who’s Luring Jack into Danger

March 14 - 18

Victoria, Adam, Victor, Jack Y&R

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Young & Restless remains as dry as unbuttered toast with the exception of the Ashland storyline, which would appear to be culminating sooner rather than later. That said, there were some interesting interactions, and a fun lure-y promo surrounding the Jack plot, in this short week.

Know When To Hold ‘Em

Some were holding out hope that Victoria secretly knew more than she was letting on about her husband’s diabolical charade and would turn out to be holding all the cards, but sadly, it became clearer this week that they’re playing her as the female blinded by love and duped into giving up half of the company. It was Nick, Victor, and Nate to the rescue, after the initial scoop was provided by poor missing Michael.

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Adam, meanwhile, was tossing around the idea — with Sally’s input — that the ensuing upheaval might create an opening for him to make a move on the CEO chair at Newman-Locke. With Young & Restless spoilers indicating that he will resort to old habits, it’s left me wondering if he’ll plot to upend Victor’s plans by going ahead and leaking the information about Ashland faking cancer to the media. This would put Newman-Locke in a bad position temporarily and would screw over Victoria — who would undoubtedly be held responsible by the board — at which point Adam may be able to convince them to oust her and install him as CEO to salvage the situation. Victor would not be happy, but may have little choice other than to back his son in order to save his company.

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In related, I enjoyed the scene between Sally and Sharon, who relented and gave the redhead some insight on Adam, but I was disappointed at the thaw between Sally and Chelsea. The writers do know that there are supposed to be rivalries on soaps, right?!? Not everyone is supposed to kiss and make up!

Also in related, Sally proved to be her own worst enemy — once again — by divulging the information she overheard at Newman Media to Lauren, who will surely go and confront Victor, who will then tell Adam that Sally can’t be trusted. Oy.

Know When To Run

Speaking of Young & Restless running from drama, it was a bit of a kick in the pants to see Kyle pop up and get decades worth of update on his older brother Keemo in two minutes. It only served to highlight the absurdity of the show ignoring Keemo’s existence all these years and to underscore the missed storyline opportunities for the brothers.

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While I was done with watching Jack weep over that damned box, the scenes between him and Allie resonated, and I join other viewers in looking forward to her coming to Genoa City.

It’s been intriguing trying to figure out the identity of Jack’s mystery texter. Lots of guesses, including whether Keemo may still be alive, but of course that was disproved by the new promo showing a female texting Jack. She’s wearing black, which made me wonder if it’s a hint she’s Keemo’s widow. If so, did he marry someone shocking we already know? Guesses as to who the mystery woman might be include Mari Jo, Patty, Kelly, Leanna Love, Tara, and even Keemo’s sister, Mai, who could be holding a grudge, but she’s doubtful as she wouldn’t be all that shocking.

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One thing we do know is that Jack’s about to get lured into a “dangerous trap”, per spoilers, so we’ll find out the person’s identity and agenda before long. Share your theories with me in the comment section!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, don’t miss a look back on the much-missed One Life To Live cast (then and now!) in the photo-filled gallery below.


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