Young & Restless’ Victor Has the Fight of His Life on His Hands as Ashland Refuses to Go Quietly — Plus, Jack Shocker Ahead and Lily’s Big Idea Leaves Fans Fuming

February 28 - March 4

Ashland, Victor, Jack, Lily Y&R

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Young & Restless had a very strong week with the Ashland versus Victor stuff. Bringing Nick in to get all snarly and then confide in Sharon, Adam and Sally furtively discussing what *might* happen at Newman as a result of the chaos, Nikki running interference, and of course the showdown in the office between the Locke Ness Monster and the Black Knight, which was fab. In other story news, viewers seem fairly done with the Baby Dominic plot, kinda intrigued by what’s happening with Jack, and irked with Lily.

Wanting More

It took a long while, but we’re finally seeing why Ashland is known as the Locke Ness Monster. Plotting Victor’s ruination by seducing his daughter and enacting a methodical and cunning plan to take over his empire from the inside is diabolical without doubt. Now, our Victor Newman is typically many steps ahead, which is the only reason he even knows about Locke’s ruse at this point, but despite the compelling evidence out of Peru, the fight appears far from over. Locke clearly isn’t going to go quietly… and here at we’re kinda glad about that as it’s easily the most entertaining storyline on the canvas. This week, Nick was brought into the loop and had a reaction that left us pondering whether Ashland will become a target for murder, and next week, Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Ashland will call Victor’s bluff, and the Black Knight will then retaliate. Whether you’re Team Ashland or Team Victor, it’s good stuff.


I’m on the fence with this Jack story. Peter Bergman always delivers the emotional bang for our buck, but using Keemo to do it feels a bit disingenuous when they haven’t bothered to so much as mention his existence in years and years. That said, Bergman’s tease in his recent interview, that Jack will be facing three of the most life-changing experiences one can go through, is hella intriguing. The death of your child is certainly one, and we think we have another figured out as Jack may discover he has a granddaughter. As for this week, I got a kick out of Traci fussing over Jack and Phyllis, but Billy’s warning to Jack about Phyllis rang false to me as he knows how she feels about his brother.

Story Swerve?

It’s kind of disappointing that all the writers have had for Mariah and Tessa to do is hold repetitive conversations about their wedding plans (or lack thereof), and it made me wonder if they’ve done a bit of a story swerve that has left them with not much going on — there’s been noticeably less focus on Noah’s obsession with Tessa. Given how unpopular that story was with fans, it’s possible a decision was made to go another direction.


Lily’s big idea to merge Chancellor Industries with Hamilton-Winters garnered a strong response from many viewers who weren’t at all on board with it. My first reaction was, “Is this really what Neil would want?” Fans hit the message boards and social media to explain their feelings on the latest tone deaf move:

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, don’t miss a pictorial of horrific acts soap characters wish you’d forget in the photo gallery below.


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