Young & Restless February Sweeps Reveals Coming for Ashland and Devon — Plus, Big Trouble Ahead for Lily and Elena

February 14 - 18

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Young & Restless has been mind-numbingly boring in some respects. So. Much. Talking. But they did manage to surprise us at the end of this week with an out-of-the-blue mention in the preview of someone we *never* thought we’d ever hear of again — Keemo! Honestly, we were all shocked here at It will be interesting to see if he actually materializes.

Valentine’s Day

The holiday for lovers concluded with Adam and Sally having the forecast sex on a desk… and various other locations in the office. They’re fun and sexy — no complaints here. Tessa sang Mariah a very special song she wrote about them and, of course, Noah interrupted! Hopefully, we move on from this recurring theme soon. The Faith and Moses bit was cute — both frantically seeking advice and then getting each other the same (perfect) gift. Valentine’s Day wasn’t so great for Chelsea, however, who had a run-in with Adam and Sally fresh off their “love in the afternoon” sesh, or for Rey, who stood back and watched Sharon and Nick in a close moment. Foreshadowing anyone?

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Young & Restless seems to be working toward an end-of-February reveal where Ashland is concerned, and the build-up has been solid. While NuAshland and Victoria aren’t setting the world on fire with romantic chemistry, Robert Newman transitioned seamlessly where the business intrigue is concerned. It’s been fun watching the “positioning”, if you will, since the underlying theme is that it’s all a chess game. Ashland pressuring Nate to come on board (we agree with Victoria that there must be an ulterior motive), Victor asking Adam to spy, Victoria intent on finding out what her father’s up to, etc. Of course, it’s Michael who will roll in with the bombshell from Peru come month’s end. And while it won’t be much of a shock, it will be fun to see it play out and to see where the Newman chips will fall in the aftermath. In the meantime, Adam and Sally are keeping things entertaining with their, ahem, enthusiasm for their jobs… and each other!


Another February Sweeps reveal is bound to be that Devon is “not the father”, as Maury Povich would say. Skeptical? Consider the evidence here. Where that will leave everyone as far as the custody agreement goes remains to be seen. Of course, there’s always the possibility that they’ll just heal Dominic and move on, leaving Devon as the bio-dad, but then what was the point of it all?

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Big Trouble

Did anyone else get the distinct impression that Lily just invited trouble to her doorstep by rehiring Amanda? It’s a sure bet considering they not only have mentioned the hollering from the rooftops (aka, Amanda and Billy bonding) twice, but also had Imani ask Amanda if she had a history with the guy because she picked up on a dynamic. Not gonna end well for Lily. And if the preview is anything to go by, Elena is going to have some drama to deal with as well should Lily manage to convince Nate to come on board at Chancellor Industries where Imani now works. I’m irritated by ‘musical jobs’ being passed off as storylines, but not opposed to some shake-ups.

As for Billy getting a podcast, I can’t imagine what the writers are thinking. We’ve already had a magnifying glass on his issues for the past two years.

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Pout Patrol

Listen, NuChance is adorable and sexy and I’m glad they’re giving him some slightly meatier stuff, what with him getting into it with Rey, but honestly… more man pain?! It’s too much. And what do they tease for us to look forward to? Chance lamenting to Devon that he was able to save Dom when he couldn’t. Why bring on a hot guy to have him sulking and pouting? Maybe we should ask Noah? I just…


Okay, Chelsea falling for Rey could bring us some really soapy material. When Chloe was watching them together laughing and talking I was expecting to see disapproval on her face, or concern, but that’s not what I saw, which was intriguing. Will she help sabotage Sharon’s marriage so her bestie can be happy? The story could do wonders for boring, reliable ol’ Rey, who’s done nothing but complain about Adam for a year. Really hoping the writers won’t disappoint here as there’s plenty of potential for messiness.

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Will Phyllis figure out who’s behind Jack’s texts and reconnect with him in the process? Not much of a mystery there; it seems very much a given that both of these things will happen, which makes it kinda predictable and thus, not all that exciting. Happily, Traci makes an appearance next week as part of the story, and as mentioned earlier… Keemo’s involved?!? That’s intriguing.

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