Bad News Looms for Young & Restless’ Abby and Devon, Valentine’s Day Gets Heated — Plus, the Unfortunate Cure for Billy’s Insomnia

February 7 - 11

Adam, Sally, Chelsea, Rey, Abby Y&R

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Oh, the irony of Young & Restless choosing ‘sleeplessness’ as a theme this week, when the show has been pumping out some of the most yawn-worthy material ever in its storied history. In fact, the easy and unfortunate answer to Billy’s insomnia is for him to turn on an episode of Y&R.

It’s Been Ninety-Nine Years…

There’s been a great deal of negative feedback about Young & Restless’ penchant for featuring man pain and Billy’s self-obsessiveness, so was it really the best idea to — pardon the gambling analogy — double-down by having him spend multiple scenes talking to himself about himself and his issues?! It feels like we’ve had ninety-nine years of focus on Billy’s inner demons — can we just get him a story? A good, solid soap story? Jason Thompson is talented enough that he could make reading the phone book watchable, which is very nearly what they’re asking here. So frustrating. Share your ideas for a great Billy story in the comments!

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Dream… Or Nightmare?

At risk of repeating myself (I know I’m repeating myself but it needs to be said), Noah dreaming about Tessa is not what fans of the character were hoping to see when he returned. Much better would have been a sexy, re-energized Noah mixing it up with the women of Genoa City and showing the men what being a core Newman is all about. Or revealing a romantic entanglement he’d had in London that would raise the hairs on the back of Nick and Sharon’s necks — something really juicy and fun to tune in to. Noah pining for Tessa and moping around like a sad sack downing drinks isn’t it. Although, at least a drinking problem could tie into a story of some sort with Nikki and/or the Abbott-Winters Foundation. What were your hopes for Noah?

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Steamy Dream

Chelsea had insomnia just like Billy, but hers was a whole lot more fun to watch. After a late-night foray to the coffee house, where she just happened to run into the affable Detective Rey Rosales, she went back to her hotel room and dreamed up a steamy kiss with him. I loved it. Not only is the potential pairing something entirely different for both characters, who have great chemistry, but it presents an opportunity for renewed bad blood between Chelsea and Sharon, and it would also draw in Adam, who wouldn’t like it one bit. Not only would Rey be romancing Adam’s ex (a little karma for Adam dallying with Sharon), but he’s also bonded with Connor. Drama!

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Bad News Looming

Another night owl who couldn’t sleep, Chance decided to distract himself from the situation unfolding with Dominic by heading out on a stakeout. How nice that he can elect to work or not work on a whim — only on a soap! Anyway, as confident as he was about wanting to get back in the game, as it were, Chance’s PTSD proved more of a challenge than he was expecting as he was thrown into heart-stopping panic by the sound of breaking glass. Back he went to the Chancellor Manse, where he neglected to tell Abby what happened. Red flags anyone? Not only is Chance in denial about needing help, he’s hiding stuff, and there is undoubtedly bad news coming where Dominic is concerned. Nothing good ever comes of it when a soap baby’s given a health crisis; this will almost certainly lead to a devastating twist and shocking reveal.

Valentine’s Day

* Valentine’s Day kicked off with Billy surprising Lily — not with a romantic gesture, but instead what she deemed a “fantastic” idea for a podcast — Sleepless in Genoa City. Some may beg to differ.

Anyway, there’s no denying Billy and Lily are hot stuff together and Valentine’s Day was no exception.

* Victor romanced Nikki on Valentine’s Day after a bit of verbal sparring about him stirring the pot with Ashland. Whether in Society, in the stables, or in the living room slow-dancing, their loved-up scenes never fail to charm and enthrall.

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* Amanda and Devon did the best they could on Valentine’s Day amid business meetings and his worry about Dominic. After initially forgetting the romantic holiday, Devon took pains to try and surprise Amanda, who in turn surprised him, by trying to cook a special dinner. Trying being the key word. It was a big, beautiful mess, but they were together and in love.

* After a nice exchange of gifts, Ashland, presumably in an attempt to get out ahead of Victor’s investigation, came clean to Victoria about the clinic in Peru. Things sure heated up as a result, but not in the way he wanted them to. First impression of Robert Newman as Ashland? He hit the ground running in the business side of things, but the jury’s still out on him as a romantic partner for Victoria. Something tells me the relationship is going to hit a major speed bump down the road anyway, if Michael returns with a bombshell to drop.

* Sally and Adam shared a chocolate-covered strawberry moment and a champagne toast. This pairing has grown on me. Not only do they bring the smoulder and heat, but when they get together officially, it’s going to be take Chelsea down a peg after she was so mean and dismissive toward the redhead. Their rivalry is what took the Adam/Sally pairing to the next level for me.

Still to come as Valentine’s Day runs into Monday, cupid takes aim at Adam and Sally as they finally give in to the feelings they’ve been fighting for quite some time. Expect things to really heat up between them — we might get sex on a desk! Elsewhere, Mariah and Tessa, on the verge of marrying and starting a family together, also take time for romance (hopefully without Noah lurking), and Sharon and Rey team up to play cupid, which could be one of the last moves they make as a couple if he’s about to be paired with Chelsea and Sharon reunites with Nick.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below. Love is in the air, but sometimes match-ups on soaps do not hit the mark. See if you agree with our line up of couples that soaps tried to force in the photo gallery below.


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