Young & Restless’ Billy and Adam Shocker Ahead – Plus, Battle Lines Drawn in Brewing Conflicts and New Romance on the Horizon

January 10 - 14

Adam, Billy, Devon, Chelsea Y&R

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Young & Restless episodes are feeling long and involved these days – sometimes because the material is boring; an ongoing issue, and other times because there’s a lot happening in a single instalment. Here’s hoping that the writers have been listening to feedback and decide to go all in on some of the developing drama and bring us back up to the standard for a soap opera.

Nick’s Birthday

The surprise party for Nick was pretty heartwarming stuff, but the roast wasn’t very roast-y, and in the end it seemed like an overly-long (especially considering he just had a standalone episode) exercise aimed at putting him and Sharon back in close proximity. The writers are clearly dangling the idea of “Shick”, what with playing up the family angle and Rey being the outsider. While I’m not necessarily opposed, once again, there’s no tension or high stakes involved to make this interesting or root-worthy. It’s too easy. Even her marriage doesn’t feel like a real hurdle! When you think of all the drama surrounding Nick and Sharon’s past reunions, you realize present-day Young & Restless has a real issue with writing boring romance stories.

All In

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not put off by the custody battle for Dominic that’s been set up. While it may not be entirely realistic or a great ‘message’ about surrogacy, it is creating soapy drama. This is what I expect from a storyline like this. After a year of this ill-advised baby bunk, they needed to go all in with a plot turn such as this or just move on completely. I liked the way they tied in Chance not hearing the baby cry with Devon’s nightmare. I also appreciate that Amanda is acknowledging the influence her past has on her viewpoint and urging Devon to decide for himself. Many complicated emotions involved:

Now Mariah’s set to get involved again, which could cause issues between her and Tessa given that the latter is ready to settle down and adopt a child with her partner because she was convinced she’d moved past her fixation on Dominic. If Mariah gets pulled back in, it might give Noah an opening to make a move on his ex, which, as I’ve said previously, is a terrible idea. That said, the preview has Tessa proposing to Mariah (finally!), and in a very cool parallel, Camryn Grimes just got engaged in real life. Congratulations!

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Getting Smashed

Chelsea vs. Sally continued to heat up this week, but please give Chloe something more substantial to do than referee. I can’t for the life of me see how these women are going to work together! It was an interesting twist to have Chelsea smugly tell Chloe that Adam turned Sally (poor girl!) down right in front of her, only for him to later shoot down her hopes of a future together completely. Her reaction – smashing a glass in the fireplace – was fun and goes to show how very unhappy she’s going to be if something happens between Adam and Sally. I’m also wondering who she’ll end up with next. Was that a chem test we were seeing with Chelsea and Chance?! Could have been, but my money’s on a Chelsea and Rey romance, which would free Sharon up to be with Nick and possibly set up a Nick/Sharon/Adam triangle, thus pitting the half-brothers against each other again.

As The Plot Twists Turns

Speaking of Newmans squaring off, Victoria’s targeting Adam again – or Newman Media at least – to the point where she’s lied to her father in an attempt to manipulate the situation. Her motivation for going to these lengths is murky to me, but I’m guessing this plot twist was designed to test that new leaf Adam’s turned over. We are already seeing the signs of him feeling like an outsider again with that doubt about Victor seeping in. Young & Restless spoilers tell us – incredibly – that Adam and Billy will strike a deal next week. I can’t wait to see what that’s all about. Shocking… and intriguing. In other news, I expect to see another plot twist coming down the pike for Victoria – this one concerning Ashland, who has been keeping a secret and gets caught in a compromising position next week.

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Reviving Michael

I loved Michael’s special episode and getting to see some of my favorite characters front and center for a change. I can’t understand why they never get story anymore. Gloria is running Jabot Collective, which presents a veritable treasure trove of storyline possibilities and yet we never see her. I’m choosing to hope that the renewed attention will bring Michael into a new story, rather than send him off into retirement never to be heard from again. His character has so much to offer. The many flashbacks in the episode were epic and reminded me of just how good the show once was – and the kind of scenes that we should be seeing on a soap – which made me a little sad about the state of the present day Young & Restless, which seems to go out of its way to avoid drama. I’m happy to report that Michael is in the spoilers for next week.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, don’t miss our pictorial of soap stars who left in the most shocking ways in the photo gallery below.


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