Young & Restless Has Its Most Eligible Character Living Single, Made Noah a Creeper, and Brought Chance Back to Cry About Throw Pillows

December 6 - 10

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Young & Restless really has Chance out here crying about throw pillows, Sharon pouring coffee, Noah acting creepy, and Sally unattached to any man in town. Most of the time it feels as though we’re watching a bunch of people moving through life having semi-boring conversations. Even with Chance’s return and Phyllis and Nick’s break-up there hasn’t been much in the way of soapy drama. Something’s gotta change.

Business Dealings

Billy’s on his umpteenth round of trying to get Adam, Adam is on his umpteenth round of plotting against Billy whilst trying to get on top in business, and Victor’s on his umpteenth round of trying to pit his children against each other. I do enjoy business intrigue on soaps, but not necessarily watching the same thing time and again. Victor’s always going to Victor, but a little imagination used to switch up the dynamics and put a fresh spin on things would be a good thing here. They did it with Victor and Adam’s relationship, Nick and Adam’s, and even Adam and Victoria’s sibling rivalry, and it worked wonders. As for Lily, on one hand, she’s standing by her man in the best country song tradition, but on the other, she seems to be setting herself up for great disappointment by buying into Billy’s BS. With her visit to Victoria she seemed to be helping Billy while also actually educating herself on the warning signs, which indicates she’s prepared for it to go either way. Eyes wide open, girl!

Footnote: Ashland’s miracle recovery has begun, and I’m not mad about it.

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Dramatic Bypass

Everyone’s worried about Chance, but honestly, with the lack of drama we’ve been getting from the show it’s hard to expect this to amount to much of anything. Will he break down and have a good cry in those throw pillows that triggered such guilt? Will Devon have to babysit for the afternoon? It’s nothing short of amazing how the writing has set up so many possible dramatic roads to go down in this situation and has chosen to bypass all of them. NuChance is a keeper but this plot needs help.

Similarly, I keep waiting for Devon and Amanda to get some kind of storyline to move them on but it’s taking forever. We saw Imani twice and now we’re just hearing about the law office on repeat. Devon is a talk-to and worry-about for other characters. So frustrating!

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Nope, Just Nope

I just can’t handle what they’re doing with Noah. They really brought him back to have him mooning over someone he couldn’t stand when he left and watching her like a creeper?!? After Friday’s episode it still wasn’t clear whether it’s actually Tessa he’s glorifying in his mind or the love she shares with Mariah — maybe it’s a bit of both — but either way I’d hazard a guess that this wasn’t what any fan wanted for him with this return. First of all, they need to give Noah some caffeine at that coffee shop to wake him up a bit, and then bring on his former love from London, who will show up pregnant with what she’s claiming is his child. And she should be a truly troublesome older woman… an Amber Moore.

On Ice

Which brings us to Sally, who tried to entice Noah into working for them this week. It could have been a chem test for the Noah/Sally/Adam dynamic, who knows? After her bizarre failed relationship with Jack, and being rebuffed by Adam, you have to wonder why they haven’t paired Sally with anyone. Maybe it’s because she’s one of the only available women in a certain age category, and a firebrand, and they can’t commit to what to do with her? Will she actually hook-up with Adam, will she date Noah, will she end up in a triangle with Lily and Billy now that they’re dangling her over there? Will we get the Sally and Nick hot hook-up we should have gotten to break up “Phick”? It’s anyone’s guess, but I suspect they’ve had her on, ahem, ice in anticipation of Chelsea’s return. Is a Sally/Chelsea rivalry going to be worth the wait? What do you think?

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Phyllis and Sharon

Phyllis and Jack are already a snooze and they haven’t even got together yet. It’s nice that he treats her well, but it makes no sense for him to ever want to go down that road again after the way he’s been repeatedly burned, and it’s the most boring and watered down version of Phyllis when she’s with Jack. Honestly, you’ve got Nina and Chance on the canvas, bring back Ronan for her and give Jack a really beautiful love story after all of these years.

I’m still amazed that Phyllis and Nick broke up with no drama save for a contrived yelling match. The Phyllis and Sharon scenes we got were arguably one of the best things to come out of that split. How do you have this history, this rivalry, at your disposal and not use it? Why is Sharon doing nothing but pouring coffee and talking about book/gift selections? Infuriating! Use these lead characters and rivals to their best advantage!

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