Billy’s Big Plan on Young & Restless Proves He’s Learned Absolutely *Nothing* — Plus, Chance’s Homecoming Won’t Be Smooth Sailing

November 29 - December 3

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Young & Restless’ November Sweeps drama was virtually non-existent. They really only had ‘Chance is alive’ and that was spoiled so far ahead of time that it had no impact. There was the manoeuvring over Chance Comm, I suppose, but what drama there was in that plot was, as has come to be the norm, entirely too civilized and watered down; “Ooo, Gaines is holding a press conference. Take that, Billy.” They missed the soapy drama boat entirely by not having a Gaines murder mystery. The casting choices, however, have continued to be top notch, both with NuChance and with the decision to bring Jill back.

Here We Go Again

The battle, if you will, for Chance Comm has landed us back where we always seem to end up and don’t particularly want to be — with Billy spiraling once again — with a big plan to have his revenge on Adam and Victor at long last. It’s clear from the look on Jack’s face in the preview that he’ll (wisely) want exactly nothing to do with it, so it will be Billy going rogue to do what — sabotage Newman Media by messing with Sally’s dress designs? Honestly, he never learns, nothing changes, and it’s kinda exhausting. The Billy and Adam rivalry either needs a break or a twist in the dynamic to make it somehow fresh and interesting again.

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One bright spot in all of this has been Jill’s return. She breathes life/energy/drama into every interaction and scene she’s in. It was a joy to watch her spar with Adam and read Billy, and hers was the most genuine reaction to Chance turning up alive. As for her stepping down to let Lily run Chancellor Industries, my initial reaction was essentially, “What?!” but I’ve since realized it makes a certain amount of sense if you overlook her lack of experience/qualifications, which is par for the course on soaps. As a bonus, Jill talked about staying around to be the matriarch, which could be fabulous if they write for her beyond meddling.

It’s Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride

The casting department nailed it with their choice of Conner Floyd as NuChance, who, like NuFaith and NuNoah before him, fits perfectly, as though he’s always been in the role. This version of Chance feels more real/relatable, for lack of a better description, but as is also the case with Noah, the character could use some oomph or edge. So why not have him come home to some real drama… probably too much to hope for, but you never know. Devon is clearly heartbroken (and I felt heartbroken for him) at having to give Dominic back. That was a missed opportunity for a custody battle to break out right there, but I suppose they can always revisit it… and they very well might as Melissa Ordway teased Devon being an issue for Abby and Chance down the road. More likely, Chance will be out of sorts and have difficulty adapting to family life, which could lead to Abby continuing to lean on Devon. Or perhaps Chance will turn to someone else other than his wife for understanding. As for what’s about to happen next, methinks the welcome home party isn’t going to go as well as Abby hopes.

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Sally Spectator

The myriad of ways that Young & Restless has failed to use Sally is a true shame. Can she please get something to do besides lurk? Aside from the actual conversation she had with Adam in Society, she’s done nothing but eavesdrop or get scolded/warned by either Adam or Chloe for weeks. They could have thrown her into a hook-up with Nick, which would have made his split with Phyllis make sense, and which would have reignited Adam and Nick’s animosity and set her up as a rival for Chelsea, who may very well want Nick for herself when she returns. It was right there, people!
Sally lurking Y&R

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Lovely Lawyers

Amanda and Imani, who is so fun, are finally setting up shop to practice law, which hopefully signals new upcoming storylines. Which man will Imani set her sights on? Which woman needs to be afraid — very afraid? Who will bring them their first case? I’m here for all of it.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below. As Conner Floyd continues settling into his first soap role, join us in looking back at the daytime debuts of some wildly popular stars whom you’ll definitely recognize… even if you don’t remember their first forays into the genre, in the photo gallery below.


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