How We *Know* Young & Restless’ Billy Will Turn the Tables on Adam and Victor — Plus, Another Hint at a Custody Battle

November 15 - 19

Adam, Billy, Victor, Mariah Y&R

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I love the Young & Restless and want to good things for the soap, but looking down the barrel of the last week of November Sweeps with little to no drama building to a pinnacle is *not* a good look. Finding Chance alive was probably their best shot at a big reveal and that was spoiled weeks ago.

As the Twists Turn

It’s quite possible the writers had Billy humble himself to Victor as a prelude to Abbott actually rallying to strike back against Newman Media. There’s a few reasons why I think that may happen: 1) There has to be more to this story as we go into the last week of November Sweeps. 2) Nikki’s warning to Victor that Billy is very much like him and that she feels this is “far from over” was very telling. 3) Rey made a point of saying that if Billy and Lily had proof they were hacked the case against them would take a turn. If they find someone who loathes Adam — such as Kevin or Phyllis — to recover the proof they need, it’ll be a different ballgame. 4) Lily’s reaction to Billy offering to resign is going to boost his resolve to fight back alongside her. 5) Jill’s about to return. Unless she’s going to kick Billy’s ass out of the company, it’s likely she’ll come back to help square up with the Newmans and save Chance Comm.

Footnotes: Billy’s concern for Lily was a much needed beat to play after all the months of cockiness and reckless behavior. Meanwhile, Ashland’s jabs to Lily about Billy doing all of this for Victoria were a very cunning — and kinda scathing — way to silence her. At last, a glimpse of the Locke Ness Monster.

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Signs of the Times

Jill’s timely return will also put her in town for the homecoming of Chance, who will probably have amnesia or be out of sorts in some way, making it necessary for Devon to keep Dominic a while longer. When Victor, Ashley and Devon were discussing who would go to Spain to look for Abby, Devon very quickly said he wouldn’t even think of leaving Dominic to go himself. Telling. It’s not a stretch to think he will have issues handing the baby back to someone who would go off and leave him. Mariah also called Abby’s bond with Dominic into question given that she left him, and called the move “irresponsible.” So, one can see this custody battle taking shape and who will be aligned with whom if it comes to be.

It will be strange at this point if they don’t go this route, as they’ve gone out of their way to set it up and to show what a natural Devon is as a father, even inserting a flashback of Neil giving advice about being a parent and having Moses say that Dominic has Devon’s eyes. They’re really playing up the angle of Devon being the dad. Then again, with the writers’ aversion to big soapy drama, it’s entirely possible that Devon will just hand the baby back and it will be happy family time for Abby and Chance.

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Take the Unpredictable Route

Phyllis realizes she has unresolved feelings for Jack — total shocker! *Insert eye roll here* This whole mess really needs a twist of some sort as it’s been the worst kind of plot-driven and predictable. At least we got some scenes with Lauren.
Lauren questions Phyllis Y&R

“Is this really a good idea?!”

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A Woman Scorned

Once again they hinted at Sharon’s scorn for Sally as she gets close to Adam, but it seems obvious that the story or triangle will actually be penned around Chelsea and that things are on hold until Melissa Claire Egan’s return, for which we now have a date.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take a moment to check out the real-life romantic advice from soap stars in the photo gallery below.


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