Young & Restless Sets Up for an Ugly Custody Battle — Plus, Billy Gets Outwitted and Outplayed

November 8 - 12

Abby, Devon, Adam, Billy Y&R

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It continues to be a strange November Sweeps on Young & Restless. With the exception of Adam and Victor blindsiding Billy and Lily there’s little in the way of intrigue or drama… or even building to big drama. We’ve largely been focused on grieving a character that a majority of viewers weren’t all that attached too aside from the fact that he’s from a core family, and who we never believed was dead any way. There’s a noticeable lack of romance in the wake of Victoria and Ashland’s wedding, and many, *many* characters seem to be in a holding pattern with no clear indication where their stories are headed.


As much as there’s been too much focus on Adam and Billy with these writers (to the detriment of other characters), I will say they set it up perfectly for viewers to take great satisfaction in Billy’s comeuppance. His ‘dog with a bone’ routine when it came to Ashland became so annoying, and he got so cocky, that it was nothing short of a thrill to see him get blindsided in the Friday cliffhanger. I wanted to feel bad for Lily, but she bet on that horse. It’s unlikely it will go as far as Billy doing time for blackmail, but if the letter wasn’t the original, lawsuits will abound. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Chance Comm.

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Baby Boondoggle

The surrogacy storyline is the awful plot that just won’t die. When Devon started talking about taking Dominic out of Abby’s house, it became clearer than it already was (because, predictable) that he’d either end up with the baby or decide to move into the Chancellor Estate to help out. It could still go the way of him moving in and the two of them growing closer, but with Abby showing up at his door, it could be that he’ll take Dominic to the penthouse after all. What follows that move is that he becomes attached. He takes Amanda up on her offer to alter the surrogacy contract so that he can petition for custody, and at some point he decides to do just that. Perhaps when NuChance arrives on the scene and Abby wants the baby to come home and bond with him, Devon will realize he can’t give the child up. Either that or Chance will show up and Devon will just hand the kid over… because we can’t seem to get actual big drama on this show.

There’s been some solid emotional scenes surrounding Chance’s death — Abby lashing out at Victoria, and Nina breaking down mid-sentence while talking to Abby were both scenes that jumped out. But I wish the writers didn’t feel they had to point out that Abby was working her way through the stages of grief or have Devon deliver a monologue to her on the topic because that made it feel like a PSA… and we’re weary.

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Where To Go?

It was fun to see Sally get into it with Phyllis and even Ashley, though there’s nowhere for these rivalries to go unless they’re doing a triangle with Phyllis/Jack/Sally. They completely missed the boat on Sally/Nick, though they could still go there. I’d love to see it. Also, can we get Chloe out of her marriage and into a good story? She’s (tragically!) become this little school marm type who scolds and doles out warnings to Sally and acts as a cheerleader for Chelsea. Please!

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Pot-Stirring Please

While we did get to see a glimpse of Amanda’s testimony, we didn’t actually get courtroom drama, but I loved to see Michael, and genuinely enjoyed the scenes between Amanda and Naya after the fact. It would be fabulous if the writers would properly develop this family now so they have something other to talk about than Sutton, Richard, and the past. As for Imani, they can’t bring her back to stir the pot fast enough.

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