Young & Restless’ No Good, Very Bad Start to November Sweeps — Plus, the Romantic Shake-Ups Ahead

November 1 - 5

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Young & Restless is in a rut, which is not a good place to be at any time, let alone in November Sweeps. There is virtually no drama on a level worthy of a soap opera (unless they make a character shout), the scenarios/interactions/pairings are tired and played out, and there’s not much in the way of prospective stories on the horizon to get excited about.

Danger, Danger

Amanda’s storyline with her grandfather/family is playing out 90% off screen. I don’t even expect to see the trial, but rather to hear about it after the fact. In any case, Sutton and Amanda squaring off was fun to watch because the actors are so good. One thing that also managed to catch my attention was Phyllis’ warning to Amanda about her grandfather. Will he try to have Amanda rubbed out as he did her father? And if so, will Devon be kicking himself for being so focused on Abby’s problems that he wasn’t around to look out for the woman he loves?

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November Weeps

Speaking of Abby, we’ve been watching her agonize for what feels like years, so a standalone episode of her teleporting through Genoa City cry-yelling into her cellphone at a presumed-dead Chance was utterly unappealing… and Young & Restless fans sent the show a strong message as to exactly how unimpressed they were. I was glad they brought Nina back to take part in the grieving at least, but it might have been more impactful to have seen Christine actually breaking the news to her friend. These writers love to have compelling dramatic scenes take place off screen. In related commentary, many found it immediately puzzling that Chance’s watch and ring would be found just laying around with no, ahem, DNA attached. If he never took his wedding ring off wouldn’t it have been found along with his arm/hand/finger? Seems they were planted at the scene, yet no one has questioned this?

As for Mariah and her confession that she feels she should be Dominic’s mother and not Abby. I’m less upset with her than many seem to be. Her attachment makes sense, however unpalatable, and at least she’s being honest about it.

And then there is Devon, who has been increasingly vocal about his anger toward Chance for taking on a dangerous mission while telling his new wife to go ahead and start a family. He’s not wrong, though he did agree to help make a baby for the absent ‘dad’. It left me questioning if this is the set-up for a showdown when Chance returns should they have Devon gravitate more toward Abby and the baby in the meantime.

That said, I don’t see a soap-worthy story in any of this unless someone snaps and/or there is some kind of battle over the baby. If they’re not going to go there, and I mean really go there, then it’s time to finally move on.

Shake Up

Phyllis and Nick’s supposed issues don’t line up with what we’ve seen play out on screen the past year or so. I’m not opposed to the romantic shake-up, but it should have happened in a different way. That said, Phyllis’ impassioned outbursts did help to sell the questionable material. Being irritated with Nick is also helping me get there. His whining is on my last nerve, whether it’s about his relationship or his issues with his siblings. Next he’ll be upset that he’s the last in the family to know about Abby’s situation. Egad.

In related commentary, Noah’s remark to Sharon about Nick never having gotten over her may have been a “Shick” tease, but with Chelsea returning, we could be in for a revival of the not-very-popular “Chick.” With Lily getting fed up with Billy, there’s another possible future pairing for Nick… he and Lily certainly had chemistry in that dream sequence years ago.

Lily, Nick, Nikki dream Y&R

Could this dream become a reality?

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Similarly, that could free up Billy for another go ’round with Phyllis, though I’d be surprised if they don’t do Jack and Phyllis, as that seemed to be the catalyst for breaking up “Phick.”

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Fight Club

Lily and Billy fighting has made them suddenly more interesting. I think there’s a level of satisfaction to hearing her vocalizing what viewers have been thinking for a while now… “Enough!” If Billy puts Chance Comm in jeopardy by falling into Adam’s trap, it could be curtains for them. As for the story, the Adam vs. Billy is also slotted into the ‘tired’ category. Fresh stories and angles are much needed!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, don’t miss this look back on Chance Chancellor’s life in our new gallery!


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