The Young & Restless Twist That *Needs* To Happen for Sally and Adam in November Sweeps — Plus, the Battle Ahead for Ashland and Victoria

October 25 - 29

Adam, Sally, Sharon, Victoria Y&R

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Young & Restless needs a serious injection of drama. The soap rode the wave of Ashland and Victoria’s love story in the build up to the wedding, but in the aftermath has become daytime’s answer to a tranquilizer.

Take a “Chance”

Melissa Ordway turned in some nice performances as Abby got increasingly upsetting visits from Christine this week. That said, no one really believes that Chance is dead. The fact that he went missing during an explosion is nothing less than a guarantee that he’ll show up on the doorstep when least expected — and with a new face. It would be terrific if he returned to find Abby embroiled in some real drama rather than just talking to herself in the park while Devon and Mariah hang around wringing their hands. We’ve been doing ‘everyone reassures Abby’ for what feels like years now. The characters designated to orbit Abby need to be cut loose from this story if the writers are unwilling to take a leap and do something significantly dramatic here. Devon declared his anger at Chance, which set up a future confrontation between Dominic’s two dads when he returns, but… meh. I’d rather see Devon square off with Sutton if he beats the rap and comes for Amanda.

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“Phick” Me

Even viewers who want Phyllis and Nick to break up have taken to social media to complain about how contrived their sudden troubles are—the couple was doing just fine until a plot point out of nowhere suggested they weren’t. Jack lurking around Phyllis and jumping at every chance to “advise” her on the heels of his loneliness pity party isn’t doing him any favors either. There’s a reason some fans refer to him as “Aunt Jack.” Nick and Phyllis scenes have stayed interesting because the actors riff off each other, but the longer they spend rehashing the more dismal the situation gets. Death by dialogue. Why Young & Restless wouldn’t have done something truly soapy to split them up—like a drunken Nick having a one-night stand with a vengeful Sally—is anyone’s guess.

Don’t “Teriah” It

Mariah and Tessa experiencing some conflict was welcome to give them story, but having Noah nose in is not the path to take. As noted in past columns, Tessa declared herself a lesbian, not bi-sexual. Noah is a pretty low-key guy who needs a fiery woman to offset that—perhaps the woman he fell for in London will show up in Genoa City causing all sorts of trouble. Perhaps that woman could be someone we know. An Amber Moore type character would be delicious! If not, have him become involved with someone controversial. An older woman, for example. The problem remains, however, that as with Faith and Moses, there isn’t much in the way of potential story when the rest of his generation is MIA. Kyle Abbott vs. Noah Newman should be the next gen rivalry. With Lola, Theo, Summer and Kyle all offscreen, he’s relegated to hanging out with his parents and grandparents.

“Salad” Dressing

Sally and Adam have chemistry, but what they don’t have is any real obstacles. Kevin warned Chloe that Chelsea and Sally might butt heads when the con returns, which could dial up the drama somewhat, but given the popularity of the Sharon and Adam pairing, the fun won’t really begin until they finally free the blonde from her perpetually disgruntled husband and throw her into the mix. There’s been speculation that Chelsea’s return might see her pivot toward the detective, who was awfully protective of her (especially considering she poisoned him!) and that might be a cool twist as well. Certainly better than the alternative, which could be Chelsea/Nick.

Love on “Locke”

It was grim news for Victoria and Ashland regarding his cancer battle this week. But I suspect having to go with the last resort experimental treatment was designed to put us on tenterhooks ahead of what will almost certainly be his miraculous recovery—or remission—so that they can kill him off at a future date more conveniently if necessary. Probably the most entertaining aspect of their story this week is Victoria refusing to bail out Billy. It was honestly a little unexpected! I hope she sticks to it. He willfully and deliberately put himself in this position, so he should have to deal with it.

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Not Exactly “Elate-d”

The Nate and Ashland friendship has been an unforeseen but kinda neat development. His relationship, meanwhile, continues to be less than exciting. Elena and Nate are sweet, pretty, and right for each other, but as with her and Devon, the writing isn’t there to make them particularly interesting in any other respect. Intriguing, though, is the constant mentions of Elena being tired… and then an entire scene about her pastry cravings. It seems ridiculous to suggest she’d be pregnant now when she should have been after sleeping with both Nate and Devon during the same time frame, but one has to wonder what’s going on with her. Of course, that scene could have been a chem test with NuNoah…

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to drop your own thoughts below, but first, get into the Halloween spirit by browsing fun photos of soap stars in horror movies in our newest gallery!


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