Young & Restless’ Victor and Adam Are Setting up Billy for a *Huge* Fall — Plus, Is Chance About to Return With a New Face?

October 18 - 22

Adam, Billy, Lauren, Abby Y&R

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Well, the comedown from Young & Restless’ wedding week has been kinda boring. Sure, we got a brief Lauren vs. Sally confrontation and Abby got bad news, but the rest has been a bunch of dialogue where characters are either making nice or the conversation is so dull or repetitive viewers are tempted to fast-forward or zone out. As has been asked repeatedly: Where’s the soap drama?!

Wedding Wrap-Up

I wanted the wedding to drive more story than it ultimately did going into the week after it wrapped up. It sort of fizzled out with a lot of whining from Nick, lurking from Sally and Jack, and veiled references to Gaines being ‘handled’ by Victor and Adam.

Of course, Adam and Sally kissed — and it was hot — but there’s no real drama in them hooking up unless there are obstacles; namely, Sharon or Chelsea. Which one it will be remains to be seen.

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Dress Mess

Back in Genoa City, Chloe and Sally had to contend with a furious Lauren, which was one of the more enticing teasers, given that it’s always fun when we get a glimpse of Genoa City’s original “mean girl,” but it only amounted to Lauren telling Sally she wouldn’t shed a tear if she ever leaves town. Meh. This could have caused a family rift between the Baldwins and Fishers, but Lauren made up with Chloe by the end of the episode. This could have ignited a battle and a deeper conflict between the two fashion companies, but something tells me it won’t amount to more than sniping here and there.

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Nowhere Man

Noah surprised Sharon, which made for some nice scenes, and it’s mildly intriguing that he’s being cagey about his reasons for leaving London. Is it just the broken heart he mentioned to Tessa? As much as I love the idea of him coming home, I don’t see a story for the guy. Right now they have him paying a lot of attention to Tessa, but if they’re going to have him pursue her romantically after her saying she’s gay, it’s yet another tone deaf move where “Teriah” is concerned. Noah’s unlikely to get involved in the corporate intrigue, so where will he find a niche?

Decisions and a Big Shock

As for Mariah’s “big decisions,” they were a little underwhelming. I was glad to see her apologize for her behavior toward Tessa (even if she was not in her right mind), but it seems like she just shifted back to focusing on Dominic instead of having a baby with Tessa. Which brings us to…

Chance going missing and presumed dead. I fear we’re in for weeks/months of Abby repeating, “It can’t be true because I would feel it if he was dead.” Devon and Mariah will rally to her side and get closer to that baby than ever, which is bound to cause trouble in their respective relationships. Abby may even turn to Devon if she “accepts” that Chance is gone at some point. Given that Christine mentioned an explosion, it’s inevitable that Chance will return with a new face, and who knows what will be going on by then?

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Make It Make Sense

Apparently it’s Nick’s turn to suffer from man pain, with the baton being passed from Billy, Adam and Jack before him. Clearly, his issues with Phyllis are designed to nudge her back to Jack, who keeps turning up like a bad penny. It’s such a plotty scenario. Why is the love of Jack’s life a woman who cheated on him every time they got together? That’s the conclusion he came to after all of his supposed self-reflection?! Why would he be counseling Phyllis on her relationship with Nick after admitting his feelings for her? Why would Phyllis be hanging out alone with Jack when she and Nick both know he’s in love with her?

The Set-Up

According to Young & Restless spoilers they’ll be beating the dead horse of Amanda’s grandfather’s trial some more. Let’s hope the case is resolved quickly so we can get on with moving her in a new direction with her private practice with Imani. The ladies might get their first case defending Billy if Victor’s successful in setting him up. It certainly feels like he’s sending him on this wild goose chase trying to prove that Adam murdered Gaines — and, if so, Billy fell for it hook, line and sinker. If the weekly preview is anything to go by, Rey will too. There are a couple of scenarios here — either Gaines is dead and Billy is being framed for his death, or more likely, Billy is being set up professionally. If Billy is led on to the point where he believes he has evidence that Adam murdered Gaines and publishes it, Chance Comm’s reputation would be toast and they’d be sued into oblivion if Gaines then turned up alive.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below. Missing Kyle and Summer already? So are we! Read about the story that could bring Skyle back and see photos of other soap characters we want to return in our newest gallery!


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