The Young & Restless Secret That Could Tank Ashland and Victoria’s Wedding — Plus, Mariah’s Kidnapping All Stitched Up, and That Ol’ Shadam Magic

August 16 - 20

Victoria, Stitch, Sharon, Adam Y&R

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Young & Restless is coasting on the Ashland and Victoria stuff and the Mariah kidnapping, which viewers are ready to see wrap up. While many characters are doing a whole lotta nothing, the developing dynamics at Newman Media have potential.

Means and Motive

While the prospect of Stitch turning out to be Mariah’s captor seems “too obvious” at this point, it’s the most likely outcome given, well, the current writing regime. If it turns out to be anyone else and the premise is decent, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. And while it was amusing trying to figure out who was holding Mariah and why, and it was much-needed distraction in the ill-conceived storyline, most viewers appear to have had their fill and just want it to come to a conclusion. Still not convinced it’s the good doctor? Find out why we think it’s him, including Stitch’s motivation and endgame.

On a positive note, the connection between Mariah and Tessa was finally played up appropriately. Also, as Mariah has pointed out, whoever is holding her captive is certainly looking after her well; they’ve clearly thought of everything…

Money, Money

The foreshadowing that Ashland has a hidden agenda has been heavy-handed this week, and with Nick, Victor and Billy all convinced that Victoria’s going to be hurt, something is bound to come out. For my money — no pun intended — it’s looking more and more like Ashland’s secret is that… he’s broke. He was introduced to the canvas as selling off his beloved media division, backed out of a deal with Jabot and abruptly dropped a vendetta he started against that company. The heart attack could have been related to the stress of his financial problems as well. After his return to Genoa City, he jumped rather eagerly into a merger with Newman Enterprises, and has only gone back to New York to sell off all his properties… perhaps because he had to, terminal illness or not. Ashland may have fallen for Victoria as he claims, but will she believe that if her father unearths evidence that makes it appear as though he’s marrying her for financial reasons? What do you think?

Odds and Ends

* I nearly spit out my drink when Nick came onto the screen in that blonde wig as Sven the masseuse. As long as Phick have been together this time around, they’re still entertaining.

Phyllis kicking Sally to the curb made for a good scene too. I love the animosity between the characters and hope they continue to capitalize on it. With a Phyllis and Jack reunion being foreshadowed subtly but surely, Sally’s nose will certainly be out of joint.

* Okay, when Adam walked into Sharon’s coffee house in the one scene they shared this week the air was charged, and I wanted him to take her in his arms and tell her he’d put his people on it and bring Mariah home. Of course, some would find the idea abhorrent; the pairing elicits strong feelings on both sides. Without that, you have a situation like Billy and Lily, a couple that is doing all the right things but doesn’t provoke much response one way or the other. While “Shadam’s” moment may have come and gone, they still have that magic.

* Speaking of Adam, what about him and Sally? I think they even have a ship name along the lines of “Salad.” There’s definitely some flirtation going on there and their chemistry is… intriguing. Chloe getting a bee in her bonnet whenever she spots them together is fun too. I don’t think it’s jealousy, as they’ve given us zero indication that there is any attraction, however unlikely, between Adam and Chloe, but it’s definitely entertaining.

* We all know Lauren isn’t going to let Gloria run JCV (she isn’t, right?!), so why not have Chloe hire her for the fashion platform at Newman Media? Glo would be a brilliant addition to the mix over there if her scenes with Chloe and Sally were anything to go by. I’d love to see it!

* What’s with the dropped threads lately? We saw Nick catch Faith and Moses kissing in the park and there was absolutely no follow up. Previously, we saw Nate and Elena experiencing some friction over his new position as her superior… and nothing. In fact, while Devon’s been playing a supporting role in the Abby drama, we haven’t even seen Elena, Imani or Amanda, let alone storylines developing for them. That said, Amanda may have been off-screen due to Mishael Morgan’s trip home to Canada.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take a peek at our updated gallery of Young & Restless stars and their real-life partners!

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