Young & Restless’ Battling Redheads Brought Sizzle to the Snoozefest — Plus, Big Love Scene Fails, Chloe and Adam Hate Sex, and Stitch’s Lie

July 26 - 30

Sally, Phyllis, Devon, Chloe Y&R

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It’s a rare thing now for the drama that plays out on Young & Restless to meet or exceed what viewers have speculated about or anticipated. That’s why this week, I was thankful for the fire brought by Phyllis and Sally, who snapped us out of the doldrums in every scene.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Mariah being held captive is one of the only interesting twists in what I refer to in my mind as the “surrogacy debacle,” but it’s already starting to feel dragged out. It’s somewhat intriguing to think that Stitch might be involved, but they’ve already got Ben looking like a possible stalker/kidnapper and now a liar, which doesn’t sit well. He told Abby he was the new Chief of Surgery at Memorial, but as we now know, Nate got that job. I’m curious to see how it plays out, but I wish the ride didn’t have to be so dreadfully dull. Other than Tessa’s growing fears about Mariah, which rings true, the conversations have been fairly mind-numbing.

Full Phyllis Effect

We’re getting the full Phyllis effect now that she’s zeroed in on Tara and Sally and has vowed to bring them down for driving Summer out of town, and it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve not been disappointed by any of the scenes involving Phyllis or Sally, who is also as entertaining as all get-out to watch. Between their respective confrontations with the beleaguered Jack, and the pair squaring off with each other, the redheads have — appropriately — been bringing the fire to otherwise sleepy offerings.

Love Scene Fails

Look, I can’t get enough of Victoria and Ashland, who appear to be heading toward a quickie wedding if the preview is anything to go by, but I co-sign Jason Thompson’s frustrated rant about recent love scenes. As with Devon and Amanda after them, Vic and Ash professed their love for the first time with an entire sofa between them! I still got goosebumps when they respectively said their ‘I love you’s, but it definitely robbed viewers who had invested in the pairings of the best part of the payoff — the passionate kiss. Given that both of these couples have lip-locked in the past, it’s all the more disappointing.

Odds and Ends

* After their scenes in the Newman Media offices, many are predicting Adam and Chloe will have hate sex, which isn’t the worst idea. On paper, these two are among the most unlikely to ever hook up, but that’s what makes it fun, if not a little twisted — and this soap desperately needs to up the drama and take more chances. It would give Chloe and Kevin a storyline they could sink their teeth into for a change, and could prove to be a catalyst to Sharon finally admitting her feelings for Adam, thereby pivoting us into another story on that front. All of this would send Chelsea for a loop again as well.

* I realized when Devon and Amanda were talking about Sutton just how over that plot feels. Let’s move on to whatever is ahead for this couple, and for Amanda and her new family members. Please.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take a peek at photos of soap stars and their real-life kids in our newest gallery!

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