Young & Restless’ Ashland and Victoria Have a Shocking Announcement, Imani’s Deliciously Messy — and Where in the World Is Mariah Copeland?!

July 5 - 9

Victoria, Chelsea, Imani, Mariah Y&R

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Young & Restless introduced a little intrigue and messiness this week, as well as the return of some familiar faces with Stitch, Ashley and Traci all putting in appearances. Our thoughts? Funny you should ask — they’re coming fast and furious in 3, 2… 

Love — and War — in the Afternoon

Ashland and Victoria are really capturing viewers’ attention right now. Not only do they have chemistry to spare, but they have a delicious secret — a merger that will knock the socks off of all the business types in Genoa City — especially her dear ol’ dad and her ex-husband. While the merger is advantageous to Victor in that Newman Enterprises is still his company, he had his own plans to “gobble up” Locke Communications, so not being in the loop will be a bit of egg on his face — a rare thing. As for Billy, he put in an offer of his own, so it appears he’s losing out again, although one can never be sure with Ashland until someone’s forced him to sign on the dotted line. Anyway, the reactions are bound to be amazing, and here’s hoping there’s a personal component to this announcement as well. I’m still unconvinced that Ashland is dying but would like to see him and Victoria bring the “power couple” energy even if he is.

Sinister Twist

I’m of two minds with the twist in the surrogacy story. While it’s reprehensible to think that Stitch might have kidnapped Mariah and thus become yet another character thrown under the bus of this Abby-centric debacle, on the other hand, speculating on what might have happened to the redhead is easily the most interesting this plot has ever been. Does Stitch have her? Or perhaps his son, Max? Did Stitch switch his sperm for Devon’s in a particularly diabolical scheme? Read the theories about Mariah’s disappearance here.

Pot-Stirrer Extraordinaire

Look, Elena hooked up with both Nate and Devon when Amanda was dating them, and we should have had fallout, but their social gathering, however improbable, did make for some entertaining scenes: Amanda and Devon exchanging looks over Nate and Imani, Elena reacting to Imani’s antics, and the dynamics in the room not being ignored. Can Imani please be invited to everyone’s cocktail parties from now on?! Not only was she flirting with Nate right in front of Elena, but she didn’t shy away from the considerable-sized elephant in the room — the foursome’s dating history. She’s messy, and it’s fun to watch. If she only knew about the cheating… here’s hoping she finds out.

Exit Drama

Chelsea’s reunion with Connor was so heartwarming, and it was nice for “Chadam” fans to see the family spend time together even if they appear to be moving away from that pairing for now. That said, the writing for Chelsea’s exit was questionable. Are we really to believe the experienced schemer wouldn’t have thought one step ahead and realized that she couldn’t incriminate Dr. Hedges without screwing herself? Suddenly, she was falling in line and — wait for it — an opportunity arose for her to be released from the mental facility to go look after her mother. On what planet would someone who deliberately poisoned a police officer be allowed to walk away to care for their infirmed parent? And possibly take their son with them to boot? Maybe Tyler the orderly will be assigned to accompany them. I’d rather have seen Chelsea escape and do a runner now that Melissa Claire Egan’s going on maternity leave. It would have been more true to the story and her character.

Odds and Ends

* Sharon and Adam are crossing paths again now that he’s moved to the ranch (although all their interactions are in the coffeehouse). It will be interesting to see if the writers have decided to finally “go there,” either soon or eventually. It seems possible if you take Faith’s concern that Adam will come between Rey and Sharon again as foreshadowing, but in the past, their chemistry has just been used to create tension, so who knows?

* It was amazing to see Ashley and Traci come back, and for the Abbotts to be all together, but wow, this Tara and Kyle story is lacking. Billy’s warning to Kyle about the lonely divorcee was likely supposed to dial up the drama, but there’s no sexual tension between the two to make this believable.

* It turns out we saw what may have been Hunter King’s last episode when Summer said goodbye to Nick in Italy. When Michael Mealor leaves Young & Restless as Kyle, it seems they’ll have wiped out that whole age group from the show, except for Sally, Mariah and Tessa. Not ideal!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, see if you agree with our compilation of soaps’ worst exits in our newest gallery!

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