Young & Restless’ Summer Is About to Think Herself Into a Real Mess. Plus, Everyone’s Talking About Victoria and the ‘Big Bad Wolf’

June 14 - 18

Summer, Sally, Ashland, Victoria Y&R

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While individual scenes continue to give us life on Young & Restless, two front-burner storylines have been dragging and/or not hitting on all cylinders. One other story, however, is on fire.

Scheme Queens

There have been a few aspects of the ‘Kyle is a dad’ story to keep us guessing, but it’s largely been a plot-driven exercise in manufacturing conflict for him and Summer, which has been falling flat for a number of reasons. Sally and Tara emerging as schemers is clearly an attempt to resuscitate the tale, but Tara as a sudden villain of the mustache-twirling variety is a stretch. Anyway, Summer will undoubtedly think herself into a real mess before the plot is foiled. This story would have worked better if Tara had been a vixen who posed a real threat to Summer as a viable love interest for Kyle, which also would have made it soapier. Sally, meanwhile, should have been moved on to different things by now. What was kinda’ cool, was the unexpected sighting of Bold & Beautiful bartender, Danny, in the park. I’d love to see him stick around Genoa City.

Family Dynamics

As noted last week, Amanda’s storyline was getting dragged down by the details of Sutton’s case. Fans care about Amanda and her backstory, but it’s hard to stay engaged in repetitive talk of events that happened off-screen eons ago to people we don’t know. I began zoning out every time they went over the details of Sutton’s defense. The family dynamics are the true draw here, which keeps being proven as the emotional and confrontational scenes have been outstanding. Viewers seem to be much more invested in the interpersonal exchanges than with the legal case itself. Amanda and Imani’s scenes are fire, and Imani having a go at Devon was amazing. Not only did Hilary finally get a mention, but this sets it up for Devon to warn Nate about her attitude.

Here’s hoping Richard’s fate will be revealed soon with a killer twist that leads to big emotional fallout and more character-driven drama for Amanda and her family.

Grand Plan

‘Ashland and Victoria’ is definitely the storyline working the best for Young & Restless right now. Whether fans love what’s happening or hate it — they’re talking about it. Not only is the chemistry between the actors off the charts, but they’re teasing their eventual hook-up at just the right pace. Ashland’s “big bad wolf” comment definitely played into the sexual tension. We’ve been trying to guess who is playing who, or if they’re playing each other but the most likely scenario was that they were genuinely attracted to one another whilst also having their own agendas when it came to business… or in Ashland’s case, perhaps revenge. Victoria’s proposal of a merger was unexpected and while I would have liked a little more ‘cat and mouse’, it’s still intriguing. As for Ashland’s terminal illness, I’m back and forth on whether or not it’s a ruse and part of his grand plan to stick it to everyone in Genoa City who thinks they’ve gotten off easy with something where he’s concerned.

In related, Ashland having to ‘meet the parents’, given his and Victoria’s ages, was patently ridiculous, and yet it played as totally amusing. Likewise, Victoria bantering with a frustrated Billy about her ‘trip to the Big Apple’.

The Shadow

I’ve seen a fair number of comments about what Abby’s storyline is doing for Nina, which is essentially sucking the life out of the former schemer. I can’t disagree. They brought her back to do cross-stitch?! Please. After the scene with Devon randomly coming into possession of one of Chance’s sweatshirts to give Abby, I was left wishing they would get on with this storyline one way or another. With the shadow showing up on Friday, that may just be happening. Do you think it was NuChance?

“Cheley,” “Relsea” or “Chey?”

There’s momentum building for a pairing between Rey and Chelsea now that they’ve shared a bunch of scenes. Given there’s some chemistry there and Rey is in a unique position to understand what it’s like to be on the wrong side of Sharon and Adam’s connection, it could work. That said, seeing Melissa Claire Egan play Chelsea’s unhinged side makes me hope the character never goes back into housewife mode… or that if she does, the situation will be fraught.

Crab Cakes

Well, Nate and Elena got some scenes this week, what with his allergic reaction to crab cakes and her saving his life. Afterward, we finally got an answer on whether or not he wanted her to take the job in Baltimore. Telling her he doesn’t want her to go is pretty significant, whether he realizes it or not. Will she stay in hopes of rekindling their flame? And if so, will she face competition from Imani?

Dumb Stuff

* More than a few Young & Restless viewers are asking why Billy acts like a reporter who works for Chance Comm rather than the person who runs the place. Similarly, we have Victor Newman champing at the bit to write up a smear piece on Billy Boy. Perhaps more importantly, they both behave as though they’re heading up the gossip columns in the local newspapers rather than globally-competing media divisions of big corporations! Make it make sense.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take a peek at photos of soap stars and their real-life dads in honor of Father’s Day!

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