Young & Restless’ Kyle Paternity Drama Isn’t Very… Dramatic, but It *Did* Spark a Hot Debate. Plus, the Emotional Moments of Neil Winters’ Memory Walk

May 24 - 28

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Considering it’s the pinnacle of May Sweeps, The Young and the Restless shouldn’t be as boring as it was at times this week. Curiously, most of the excitement generated by the current stories is coming from anticipation of what *could* happen, rather than what actually happens. The week ended on a bittersweet note, however, with the special episode honoring Neil, which was very well done and all the more heart-wrenching knowing much of the emotion wasn’t acting at all.

Lost in Translation

While Kyle’s affair and paternity scandal is undoubtedly dramatic on paper, something is getting lost in translation to the screen. Given it’s a May Sweeps story and is featuring heavily, it’s playing as too low-key. Tara’s not quite working, Ashland’s not ruthless enough, the chemistry between the main players isn’t what it should be, and the story is only hitting emotionally here and there.

That said, I am intrigued to find out if Tara’s the actual villain as opposed to Ashland, and is using her son to manipulate everyone, and I was fired up to see shades of the old Jack when he confronted Ashland. Nick’s scenes with both Summer and Sharon were top-notch too, but much of the appeal in this entire storyline has surrounded its potential rather than what has actually transpired. In fact, many fans have more interest in what’s happening with Ashland on the fringes, such as his deal with Sally, and his attraction to Victoria, than with the main story.

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Blame Game

In a soap opera version of ‘what came first — the chicken or the egg?’ a confrontation between Kyle, Summer and Sally sparked hot debate in the Y&R message board about who was really to blame for all of the Locke trouble. Kyle and Summer targeted Sally for angling to start problems from the beginning, but some pointed out that despite Sally coveting Summer’s job, she hadn’t actually done anything yet when Summer went to L.A. to dig up dirt on her, thus kicking off the tit-for-tat. Theo offered the information to Sally, so he was definitely in there stirring the pot, but in the end, it all goes back to Kyle having an affair with a married woman, so he’s truly the chicken — or the egg — right?


As mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, the Chelsea angle has been excellent — locked up and pretending to be insane, but actually having issues at the same time — and it’s largely because Melissa Claire Egan is so good at playing it. The Chelsea and Adam scenes were so tense, and we know she’s blaming Sharon in her mind, so things are only going to escalate. On top of all that, Chelsea’s set on manipulating Rey, who thinks he’s going to be able to see through her if she’s faking, but I honestly don’t know if he has the skills. Time will tell.

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I think Nate is close to going back on his decision not to date Elena, but they’re going to have to bring in another source of conflict, and if it’s not Devon, and Lola’s gone, then perhaps Imani? She would definitely add some sizzle to the story!

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Okay, with the new information that Victor gave Amanda — Richard Nealon actually knew she existed and was trying to find her — we know there is about to be a bombshell in this storyline. If he’s really dead, I’m assuming she’s either going to find out Sutton actually was behind his death, and possibly, that Eric (Naya’s husband, Imani’s father) had something to do with it as well. Naya appears to know more than she’s willing to say too — there has to be some sort of shocker coming that will blow this family out of the water. I’m invested and really hoping Young & Restless delivers on this one.

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So Missed

The Neil tribute was very thoughtfully done. The ‘memory walk’ was a unique approach and gave us the opportunity to see a bunch of different interactions and flashbacks from various aspects of Neil’s life. As we went through his relationships it reminded me once again how much a part of the fabric of the show Neil was — from shooting hoops with Nick, to being a parent and brother, a friend and sponsor to Jack, a lover, and of course, a businessman. Having Sharon wear something of Dru’s was an unexpected touch and made me miss her all over again as well. There were so many small, yet significant moments that tugged at the heartstrings, such as Devon gazing at Neil’s plaque and remembering the day he welcomed him to the family, and Lily recalling an otherwise regular day they spent together. They did a good job of bringing Moses into it as well; in fact, it was Neil’s three children standing before his portrait in the park and placing their roses in front of it that finally put me over the edge to tears. Always missed…

Dumb Stuff

* The surrogacy storyline continued to annoy viewers this week as only it can — and without a scrap of good drama to show for it…

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take a peek at the soap opera summer previews and predictions in our newest gallery!

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