Young & Restless Shockingly Omits Pivotal Affair Reveal — and Dangles Ashland and Victoria as a Power Couple

May 17 - 21

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The Young and the Restless had its moments this week, but nothing to write home about considering we’re in May Sweeps. Too often we’re left questioning the ‘powers that be’ avoiding the logical path to drama that seems so clear to seasoned soap viewers.

All Bark, No Bite

Kyle’s world has truly gone sideways since the unscheduled return of Tara and Harrison, as has Summer’s; it was very soapy to have her show up at the engagement party, but as a viewer I have a sense of sitting back and watching it all unfold rather than being drawn into it. Unbelievably, they elected to have Tara confess that she and Kyle had an affair offscreen, which robbed viewers of experiencing a major reveal in the storyline. What were they thinking?!

Based on the writing for the past year, I’ve little faith this will turn out to be anything more than angst for “Skyle,” and the Lockes aren’t bringing the big drama it was hoped they would. Tara’s either manipulating or she’s not, but regardless, I’m not feeling the pull between her and Kyle that should be there to create conflict or leave fans feeling torn. She should have been more of a vixen. Ashland, meanwhile, has been all bark and no bite thus far, aside from some flexing in the form of closing down some of Jabot’s warehouses. He even appeared to let Victor off the hook for coercing him into signing the contract and changing the name of Cyaxares.

We really need to see more from the Locke Ness Monster, and teaming with Victoria might be just the way to go. It would create an intriguing new power pairing and (hopefully!) free her from the ‘back to Billy’ cycle that no one wants to see. Also, they’ve been dubbed “Astoria,” just so you know.

Anywho, there have been some very good scenes in the Kyle storyline, including Summer coming clean to Phyllis, and even just Kyle sitting alone on the end of the bed holding his head in his hands. I’m anticipating Jack’s reaction to the bombshell that he’s a grandfather too. Here’s hoping the drama and emotion only goes bigger from here.

Date Night

It was nice to see Mariah and Tessa get a date night and indulge in some sexy talk after months of their story revolving entirely around Abby and her desire for a child. Speaking of which, just when I was beginning to feel warm and fuzzy about a sisterly bonding scene between Abby and Victoria, the writers had Abby complain about the baby not having arrived yet. Poof, there went any charitable feelings for the character. The writing for her remains awful.

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Change is Good

I enjoyed Nick’s visit to Adam, if for no other reason that it represented a much-needed change in dynamic. Victor’s arrival, all puffed up to see his sons together, made me smile. Of course, he’ll be insufferable over it, but that’s Victor. I’d like to see them take it one step further and reveal the Young & Restless secret that would align Nick and Adam’s interests. As for Adam turning over a new leaf, I can’t decide whether Victoria’s take on it is foreshadowing or just a set-up for them to be adversarial. Time will tell. I’m not all that enthused about another round of Adam/Victor vs. Billy, but at least the writers switched things up by having Lily agree to pre-emptively hit Cyaxares. I like Billy and Lily as a pairing but they desperately need an interesting storyline with some twists because argue-sex-rinse-repeat was not it.

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Safe But Not Sound

After months of showing us all the reasons Sharon and Rey shouldn’t be together, their reunion was predictably underwhelming. Generally, on a soap, there is a certain amount of heat and romance when a couple reconciles but this didn’t generate much, if any. This amounts to the back-burner for Sharon and leaves Rey out of the running for a chance to test his chemistry with a different female character.

Crazy Chelsea?

I got a chill when the camera panned in on Chelsea in the mental facility and she fixated on Sharon as the person who destroyed her life. It’s very cool how they’re playing this on one hand as though Chelsea is sane and just pretending to have had a breakdown, and on the other as she really is snapping. Melissa Claire Egan was brilliant as “Crazy Annie” on All My Children, and is equally in the zone in this instance. I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

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Picking Up Steam

Amanda’s storyline appears to be inching it’s way toward some reveals, what with the latest questions raised by her meeting with Imani, and the upcoming spoilers teasing that new information will be revealed. As amazing as Karla Mosley has been, I’m also excited for Mishael Morgan to return and for the storyline to pick up steam.

Dumb Stuff

* Umm, Tara? We need to have a word…

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take walk down memory lane through Tessa and Mariah’s love story in our photo-filled gallery!

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