Young & Restless Put Adam’s Redemption Story Into Overdrive — or Is It ‘Overkill’? — and Imani Blew Back Into Town and Left Us Wanting More

April 26 - 30

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Young & Restless writing Victor as ruthless again is the single best thing that’s happened on the show in weeks. That and the return of *real* love scenes with actual kissing and touching. We need that love in the afternoon! As for this week, I spent the first portion of it stunned that the show had become so boring again. Thankfully, we got some drama toward the end.

Forces of Nature

Karla Mosley, who many know as Bold & Beautiful’s Maya Avant, has done an amazing job of jumping into the role of Amanda temporarily. Such a pro! While I enjoy seeing Amanda in legal eagle mode, what’s really engaging about this story is the emotional drama with her family. Imani’s first visit to Genoa City made a big impression, and when she blew back into her half-sister’s life again this week, the scenes were even better than we remembered. Imani and Amanda are both forces of nature, so they’re riveting to watch. Imani recognized, and seemed impressed by, Devon, so there may be a story there. It was also cool that they kept us guessing as to Imani’s true motive. Here’s hoping the writers see the potential with the Imani character and capitalize on it. In related, I love Devon’s idea to start an imprint in Neil’s honor — Winter’s Mood — but hope it leads to more substantial business interactions.

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The Road Less Dramatic

The writers, whether inadvertently or not, gave themselves the perfect opening for Sally to go after Nick to get back at Phyllis — it was right there staring them in the face — and appear to be taking the road less dramatic yet again. It’s frustrating. Sally whining to Summer about Jack is unappealing, and Jack not being able to see through a transparent manipulation like Sally loudly attacking Tara when she knew he was on his way to the coffee house is worse. Just not feeling it.


I have to believe that Ashland’s heart attack and retreat to New York is the calm before the real storm, otherwise what was the point? The writing hasn’t used Tara effectively to create friction (she comes across as a mope), and Ashland, so far, hasn’t lived up to the hype. Jabot’s crisis lasted all of five minutes, Billy obsessing over Cyaxares is a drag, and Lily babysitting a man-child isn’t as compelling as the writers seem to think (though their love scenes are hot!). Aside from the epic scene of Victor forcing Ashland to sign the contract mid-coronary, it’s all been a bit dull.


Summer and Kyle were the latest twosome to get real love scenes and they were really good. These two are naturals together, though I’m sure they’re in for a tough time ahead, what with all the bliss and talk about wedding planning. This is a soap after all. I had to wonder if Ashland directed Tara to smooth things over with Jabot as part of a bigger revenge scheme coming down the pike. Also, the way Kyle was looking at that photo of cutie-patootie Harrison, I’m not sure he’ll be able to let this go.

Overdrive or Overkill?

I’ll say it again, NuFaith has fit in seamlessly — fantastic casting. I was grateful for the drama of yet another crisis befalling the teen, and for the scenes of the family coming together. Sharon and Nick were able to get close to one another in the waiting area, which adds so much, and watching Sharon’s so very realistic emotions and Nick at Faith’s bedside was amazing. I was less enthused about some of the other aspects, such as Nick’s caveman routine, where he insisted on going to find Adam himself because he might ‘play mind games’ with Sharon, which was patronizing. I understand that it will lead to May Sweeps drama between Nick and Adam in Kansas, but still…

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Anyway, as soon as Faith collapsed, everyone knew that Adam would be the person to save her again. Young & Restless is clearly putting his redemption story into overdrive. For me, it was too predictable, and I’d have been fine with him saving her after the accident and then being exonerated in Rey’s poisoning. It’s verging on overkill to have Adam be the donor, and is definitely so if he also ends up in a life-threatening situation with Nick and saves him too.

Don and Linda

I know some will say this belongs in the ‘That’s Just Dumb’ file, but I laughed out loud when Phyllis and Nick were role-playing. When Nick tried to play it cool while saying, “My name is… Don,” and Phyllis stifled her laughter, it was gold. These two riff off one another so well.

Soap Karma

Oh, I think there’s something happening between Lola and Nate, who bonded over baseball trash talk this week, while Elena sat all alone in the coffee house. Could our prediction that Nate and Lola will fall in love be coming true?

That’s Just Dumb

* Adam looks great, but it was definitely an inopportune time to go to the barber!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, don’t miss our new gallery of soap stars yucking it up behind the scenes at photo shoots!

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