Young & Restless Fans *Really* Want Sally to Go After Nick — and Mariah’s Pregnancy to End

April 12 - 16

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Suddenly, The Young and the Restless has a lot going on. Something changed for the better behind-the-scenes, and while they’re not yet hitting on all cylinders, they’re at least hitting on some. In many cases the dialogue seems more on point, they’ve picked up the pace, and the show is actually churning out some drama — particularly toward the end of episodes, which gives a sense of the “cliffhanger” returning. Plus, we’re getting kissing scenes again — yasss!

Applause, Applause

The set-up for Sally and Phyllis to become rivals was done just right. Why? Because the evolution of their mutual dislike felt totally organic. Of course Phyllis would become suspicious of, and scheme against, someone who not only reminds her of her younger self, but was messing with her daughter. Phyllis being Phyllis, she took it too far and made a mess. Summer and Sally both blamed Phyllis for the events that followed her “upsetting” Lauren, and the icing on the cake was Jack dumping Sally. Yep, Sally is now totally justified in wanting revenge on Phyllis, and as per her little speech about “hitting her where it hurts,” well that can only mean one thing — it’s open season on Nick. As Phyllis would say, “Bring it!”

Putting the ‘Ew’ in ‘Crew’

Look, I’m always down for a party, and I love the friendships among the girls who attended Abby’s get-together, but the whole vibe turns positively vapid the minute they begin discussing Mariah/Abby’s pregnancy. Posing for photos as the “Baby Chancellor Crew,” was cringe-y, not to mention patently ridiculous given Mariah is about a week into the pregnancy. Phyllis in the background was hilarious though. As discussed in last week’s Restless Rant, the surrogacy storyline is tone deaf and fans continue to be upset by it. Nina’s conversation with Ashley seemed to be foreshadowing trouble ahead for Mariah, Devon, and Abby, but many viewers hope it never gets that far.

Unexpected and So Welcome

First Billy and Lily kissed, and now Amanda and Devon! It was both unexpected and so welcome to see the return of intimacy, which has been so missed all of these months. As far as the storyline goes, I’d have had Amanda hold out a bit longer given how Devon treated her, but the actors played the pull between Devon and Amanda so well that it felt right in the end. That said, it’s good that Amanda has this story developing with her family on the side so a love interest isn’t her entire focus. Devon needs to be seen doing business again as well. In related commentary, I enjoyed the scene with Devon and Moses remembering Neil, and was excited to hear that we’ll soon be seeing Amanda’s half-sister Imani again.

The Grass is Always Greener…

The lack of development for the character of Nate has always irked me. He’s a nice guy, a doctor… and that’s about it. Delving into the Winters and Barber family photo gallery made it seem even more of a shame that we don’t know him as well as his predecessors. They could start by bringing back Dru or Olivia, as the older generation gives a sense of history and facilitates exposition. The character of Elena is similarly limited in that we don’t know much about her, or her motivations, despite the messiness she’s been a part of. That said, I felt bad for them during their conversation at the coffee shop. I could feel Elena’s frustration with the situation she created, and Nate’s regret that he couldn’t allow himself to be with the woman he cares about. In the meantime, I’ve seen more than a few fans hoping he’d ask out the woman in the green dress who works for Phyllis. Ha!

Teen Scene

NuFaith slipped into her scenes with Nikki, Sharon, Nick, and Moses absolutely seamlessly — love to see it! And can we talk about her confrontation with Jordan?! Amazing. Now that the animosity is well-established between the two, it’s likely they’ll end up vying for Moses’ attention. In the meantime, we got a school set and Moses defended Faith to a bully. I’m not convinced the teen dialogue has improved a whole lot since the Charlie, Reed, and Mattie days, but we’ll give it time.

Desperate Times

I wasn’t a big fan of the scenes involving Adam imagining Sharon and Chelsea verbally beating him up. We’ve been down this road with him having these epiphanies and deciding to leave town too many times. I’d rather he was angry at Chelsea, participate in clearing his name, and rejoin the business circle.

It was enjoyable to see Victor confront Chelsea. The anticipation viewers felt when he walked into the penthouse was well-rewarded. How fun was it watching Victor chuckle at Chelsea’s innocent act, knowing how badly she must have wanted to let him have it? And, yes(!) it was satisfying to hear Victor call her a “lowlife con,” (while very typically ignoring his role in bringing her to town), mainly because it’s a sign the writers may finally have realized this is the best use of her character. Chloe walking out on Chelsea was an interesting twist too. A desperate Chelsea means more drama ahead! At week’s end, we had Victoria tipping off Rey that Adam had been at the ranch and, unsurprisingly, a confrontation between her and Victor followed. The family conflict is soapy goodness, and I wouldn’t be opposed to this competitive dynamic between Victoria and Adam being used more in story going forward.

Trouble Ahead

Of course the minute Summer and Kyle decide to get married all hell begins to break loose at Jabot. The business stories have been fairly intriguing, largely due to Ashland Locke, who is coming for Kyle and the Abbotts, isn’t afraid to cross Victor, and amuses himself by making huge decisions with the toss of a coin. His presence has created a bunch of possible storylines, including a battle between Victor and Victoria, an Ashland and Victoria hook up, and trouble for Kyle and Summer in the form of Tara (Summer’s nightmare had to have been foreshadowing of something). The preview shows Ashland clutching his heart (while Victor stands there watching unmoved hehe) — will this crisis lead to Tara bringing Harrison to Genoa City?

That’s Just Dumb

* Rey and Sharon having the same conversation about Adam and their marriage ad nauseum is ridiculous. And why on earth would Rey “stick around until Faith’s back on her feet?” They’re just one of several Young & Restless pairings that *need* to end.

* Blooper! In his scenes with Sharon at the coffee house, Victor referred to Moses as Neil’s grandson, rather than his son.

* Erm, maybe this text should have come from an “Unknown Number?”

* Would it have killed them to have Lily stop by to see Moses and get in on his and Devon’s talk about Neil? It seems like Moses has met everyone else in town — he’s even started dating — and Lily still hasn’t seen him!

* Phyllis mixes and serves drinks, runs parties and the hotel spa, and we just can’t…

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but first, take a peek at photos of soap stars and their real-life sisters in our newest gallery!

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