Young & Restless’ Tone Deaf Surrogacy Story Infuriates Fans Anew, and All Hell’s About to Break Loose as Chelsea’s Scheme Unravels

April 5 - 9

Mariah, Sharon, Chelsea, Sally Y&R

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The Young and the Restless is hitting new strides when it comes to building drama, but as mentioned in last week’s Restless Rant, it’s all about the follow through. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in the way of consequences when it came to the spoiler about Lauren taking control, but other stories still show promise. Keep reading for thoughts on the week, plus fan reaction to Mariah’s pregnancy:

Well, It Was Nice to See Tessa

The confirmation that Mariah was pregnant fired up fans all over again. While surrogacy is a wonderful thing, as we’ve addressed previously, it’s not only tone deaf when it comes to the characters involved, but it has never made sense. Why would Mariah and Devon want their first experience having a child to be for someone else? Why would that be allowed? Why are they overjoyed to put Abby’s needs ahead of their own? Why is Devon suddenly okay with having a child he won’t raise when he was completely opposed to it previously? Viewers were upset enough that a Twitter post by Young & Restless encouraging people to offer congratulations on the pregnancy was taken down, presumably due to a plethora of negative comments.

The show probably should have cut their losses on this one, but given they’re forging ahead, I foresee drama that will have Abby wishing she’d never, er, conceived of the plan. Mariah was feeling protective before she even knew if she was pregnant and that’s only going to grow. I smell big trouble ahead.

A Beautiful Thing

So, the Adam vs. Chelsea drama has really turned out to be a lot of fun. Chelsea is arguably the soapiest character on the canvas right now because she’s unapologetically scheming and has zero you-know-whats left to give. It’s a beautiful thing. All the beats are being played as the action jumps from Sharon’s place to the lake hideout to the penthouse. Sharon’s visit to Chelsea with the conspiratorial whispering and Chelsea’s snarky responses was one of my favorite scenes of the week and the tension built as it became clear it would be a battle of wits between Adam and Chelsea. The week ended with the ‘cliffhangers’ of Sharon admitting to Rey she’d been in touch with her ex, and defending him, while across town, Nick was stunned when Chelsea croaked out, “Sharon knows.” Amazing! It will be interesting to see if things between Sharon and Adam will go beyond teaming up, or if a Shadam reunion is all a big tease.

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Off Balance

I was so hoping that Ashland would toy with Kyle and that the situation wouldn’t blow up and diffuse within a short period of time… so far, so good! Kyle’s spinning, not knowing what’s coming next. Ashland truly has his opponent off balance. It looks like Jack is going to get into the ring with Locke, but he still doesn’t know about Harrison, so that’s another shocker to look forward to!

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Dream Big

The confrontations and drama among Lauren, Sally, Summer and Phyllis have been a dream compared to what we’d been getting. That said, what played out this week was a perfect example of how the show builds up to something that stops short of being big and soapy. Scheming ensued and was uncovered, a confession was made (Sally to Jack), and though the scenes were entertaining, no one was fired, there were no truly dire consequences to drive more story. Jack only wanted to slow things down with Sally and didn’t dump her (which would have spurred her to do God knows what in retaliation), olive branches were extended, and Summer is merely ‘miffed’ at her mother. Low stakes stuff compared to what it could have been. This is a soap people!

A Sad Farewell

I’m super sad to say goodbye to Alyvia Alyn Lind; it’s something truly special to see a young actress grow up, and into her stories, onscreen. Of course, she has a bright future and we will welcome a new, slightly older Faith, who will almost certainly embark on a romance with the adorable Moses Winters. Who else thinks Faith will be assigned community service at the hospital or clinic where he’s spending time?

No More Fake Out

Billy and Lily got to make out onscreen this week! An awesome surprise in a storyline that many are struggling to ‘feel’ given the love triangle with Victoria is unpopular. On a more promising note, drama is brewing with Cyaxares, and I sense a battle coming with Victor and Victoria after his little unspoken threat about her CEO position at Newman Enterprises.

Developing Story

While the story around Amanda’s family is just getting started, Naya and Sutton are amazing. I’m looking forward to finding out more about her family, seeing her interact with Imani again (hopefully), and for her to dig into the connection with Victor and Newman Enterprises.

That’s Just Dumb

* Did anyone else laugh out loud at the absurdity of Summer peering through the window with a look of panic while Ashland was grilling Kyle in Society? If Ashland didn’t already suspect something was amiss he surely would have had he seen her. The fact that he didn’t see her was also hilarious.
Summer watches Ashland and Kyle Y&R

* Some huge familial disconnects are happening that make absolutely no sense — and viewers do notice. How is it that Faith had a near-fatal accident and Mariah and Summer were virtually uninvolved? And how is it that Lily hasn’t been in contact with Moses yet? Details matter!

* How was Sharon startled by finding her husband at home? As SOAPS’ reader twocentsworth pointed out, wouldn’t his car have been parked outside the house?

* Wouldn’t it have been easier for Sharon to have planted a bug in the penthouse to catch Chelsea talking to Chloe than to go through this elaborate plan of trying to infuriate her to the point of slipping up?

* How did Nick not hear Chelsea ranting to Chloe in a raised voice before he knocked on the penthouse door? Or did he…?

* Still can’t get over this…

This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below, but before you hit the comments, be sure to check out photos of your favorite actors before they were soap stars in the gallery.

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