Devon’s Audacity on Young & Restless Left Us Stunned — Plus, Bring On Ashland Toying With Kyle

March 15 - 19

Devon, Amanda, Ashland, Kyle Y&R

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The Young and the Restless is *finally* delivering some intense, messy scenarios but still isn’t giving us the big classic soapy drama we crave. Romantic entanglements need to get nastier, people need to stay angry more than two minutes, and characters must go beyond getting testy with one another.

Oh, the Possibilities

I enjoyed watching Victoria and Lily throw down because the scene was well-written with the subtext, and the actresses are awesome. But all of it centering on Billy is still a no for me. It’s not the story that most want to see for Victoria, nor does it make sense for her to want him back. Have Victoria hook up with Ashland Locke please. And if we can’t have that then give us Ashland and Phyllis down the road somehow — their very short scene together made the mind go instantly to the possibilities.

The Come Back

Speaking of Ashland, I kinda’ can’t wait for him to come back to town and toy with Kyle. And you know he will. If he didn’t know about Tara and Kyle’s affair before he came to Genoa City, he certainly realizes something’s up now. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he already knew. Tara mentioned that he insisted she accompany him, plus he threw in that line about never forgetting a face. Let’s just hope the follow-through on this is as good as what we imagine it could be. In related commentary, as predicted, Victor and Adam won the bid for Cyaxares, but with trouble on the horizon for Adam, might things change?

Frame Up

Adam will invariably get blamed for poisoning Rey. We all know that’s where this is going. His face when he read the texts between him and Sharon on his phone was gold. Seriously though, watching Chelsea deploy her plot to frame Adam, while setting up Sharon up to blame him, and giving Chloe plausible deniability has been pretty entertaining stuff. And she’s accomplished all of it from her wheelchair. Talk about villain goals.

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Redhead vs. Redhead

Phyllis and Sally verbally sparring was fun to watch. I suspect it’s supposed to have the audience rooting for Sally and Jack… Anyway, if Phyllis manages to put the kibosh on Sally and Jack, or if Sally’s role in Kyle’s troubles is exposed and Jack drops her, let set her sights on Nick so the real fireworks can begin!

What the Hell, Devon?!

Devon really expected to admit to Amanda that he cheated on her not once, but twice, and then have things just carry on between them uninterrupted because he decided he wanted to see where things go. It was particularly astounding in light of the fact that he threw Elena out on her behind after she cheated on him once. I was glad Amanda was having none of it. Not a good look Mr. Hamilton! I hope he has to fight to get her back if that’s the direction they go. Though we did get drama, I would rather have had a juicy ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ storyline, or a devious twist with Elena leaving the bracelet for Amanda to find on purpose, to dial it up a few notches. Aside from Amanda storming out it’s been pretty polite; I feel like they could be doing more from a writing standpoint.

That’s Just Dumb

* Abby turning literally every conversation she has into an opportunity to either a) boast about finding her true love, or b) update people on her surrogacy situation is next-level annoying. As SOAPS reader DaisyTiff301 noted, “It’s absurd how much Abby’s talks about her eggs. Jack can’t even go get something to eat at society without having to hear about Abby’s eggs. Make this story end!!!” Co-sign!

* Why was Lily telling Billy to take time to figure out how he feels about Victoria when he was telling her he already knows? Like, what was her timeline? If he came back after a week and had the same response would she believe him then?

* Could Kyle and Tara have been any more obvious about their connection? For people who were pretending they’d never met they sure did a lot of guilty staring across the room at each other. And what about Summer approaching Tara in a public place to have it out with Ashland mere feet away? The topper was Tara and Kyle congratulating themselves on remaining under the radar even as Ashland watched them argue in the very public hotel lobby.

* Watching Sharon yelping helplessly from across the room while Rey agonized on the couch, and then trying to get himself to the car to go to the hospital (and passing out in the process) was just ridiculous. I’m with this Y&R viewer:

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